Top 4 Attractions To Visit & Things To Do In Dalat, Vietnam in 2024

Vietnam is still an unknown and exotic country to most of us. However, in recent years, we can say it is increasingly on the lists of popular destinations to travel to. When it comes to locations in Vietnam – Dalat is definitely among the top destinations to visit. This place is primarily visited by people who want to gain new experiences – and to see the different and a bit unusual side of Vietnam. It’s a charming place that also reveals its French part of the country’s history – for which is also named a little Paris.

So what would be the places that are so unusual and tempting for tourists to come and visit? There are quite a few of them, and we have selected for you the Top 4 attractions to visit & things to do in Dalat, Vietnam.

City Of Dalat

The city of Dalat is the capital of Lamdong Province – and is also one of the youngest cities in Vietnam. This small city is characterized by a unique mountain climate – as well as a large number of natural attractions and comfort. No wonder some people call it Vietnamese Switzerland – and some even named it Little Paris. That is not surprising at all when you consider the history of this place. Namely, the French have built Dalat during the first decades of the XX century. Their wide influence can be recognized in the charm of this place, the layout of the city streets – but also in building some objects that have French symbolism. For example, the central square looks very striking and you can see the true Eiffel Tower – although in a reduced size. Yet even that little Eifell can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. If you wish for more French taste, you can find a restaurant called Moulin Rouge near the tower – and many other localities will also evoke the French atmosphere. Therefore, the Dalat’s nickname Little Paris is more than appropriate.

Dalat: Attractions To Visit

What is worth visiting in Dalat? Actually, some very interesting sights are located outside the town. However, you are also able to see so many other colorful places in the town. Most of them you can even visit during the same day. According to Explore One Vietnam, you can look for reviews or suggestions when it comes to things to do in Dalat Vietnam at And we have some suggestions of our own too. Therefore look at our list of things you should see while you’re in Dalat.

1.    Xuan Huong Lake


You don’t need to travel or invest a ton of energy moving to another area for this visit. Lake Xuan Huong is actually situated in the actual center of this town. This artificial lake was made in the first decades of the XX century because of the development of a dam. You can stroll around the lake in a couple of hours – and during the walk, you can see various sculpture exhibitions made of natural or partially processed minerals. Here you can likewise see an enormous assortment of bonsai trees – or just find a place and enjoy in one of the numerous cafés or bistros. All those who love fun on the water,  and particularly kids – will have an experience of a lifetime riding swan sailboats and enjoy the view of Dalat from the water.

2.    Crazy House


There is another exceptional place in Dalat – Crazy House. It is thirty-minutes-walk away from the city lake – and you can take a cab if you’re coming from downtown. Crazy House in Dalat was the idea of Ms. Nga as a getaway place for lovebirds. Ms. Darn Viet Nga is a very unique character. She is the daughter of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, and she lived in Russia for a very long time – where she graduated architecture. Notwithstanding, when she got back to Vietnam – she began accomplishing more imaginative things. That’s how the development of the Crazy House idea started. This construction is genuinely remarkable, with a totally exceptional engineering and architectural arrangement. The peculiar design resembles a colossal tree with entwined roots and branches – which are congested with mushrooms and wrapped in spider webs. This is something you must not miss seeing during your visit to Dalat.

3.    City Market


The central city market should be on your bucket list of what you must see and experience in Dalat. Going to a Vietnamese market will best show the way of life and culture of local people. The Central Market in Dalat is perhaps the most picturesque. Even if you haven’t planned any purchase, you should see this market – to fully experience the atmosphere of Dalat. Many people speak some of the world’s languages such as English, French or Russian – so you can, bargain with them, or simply have a friendly chat.

4.    Ride The Cable Car


In case you appreciate the perspective on the city panorama – you mustn’t miss the cable car ride. Even though it is one of the city attractions that is relatively recent – we can say that it is perhaps one of the greatest things you can experience in Dalat. The cable car route connects Thien Vien Truc Lam Pagoda and Tuyen Lake. The riding joy is remarkable because the panorama is very picturesque.

The Bottom Line

For most people, Vietnam may not be the first association to a dream vacation and an exotic destination you dream of. However, that is the catch 22. Vietnam should be at the top of everyone’s list of destinations for individual travel. There are countless reasons for this, which we can classify under three key elements – people, nature, food. Dalat with its dramatic landscapes, fascinating history, great food, and pulsating energy will surely wake up all your senses. This city is dynamic and peaceful at the same time, exciting and completely relaxed – and we are sure that you will love it forever after your first trip. So, enjoy it to the fullest!

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