7 Best Automatic Watches For Men 2024

Even though they may appear out of place in the modern, digital world, automatic watches are sometimes necessary because you can’t always rely on your phone to tell the time. A decent mechanical watch powers itself, most of which are made to last and work for decades, in contrast to your phone’s constant need for charging and quartz watches’ constant need for replacement batteries. Additionally, there are some locations where you can take them that you wouldn’t dare to do with your phone. Here are seven automatic watches that we think are excellent choices. There are many options available to find the ideal one for daily wear.

1. Tissot Gentleman Automatic


You can choose from a vast assortment of watches from Tissot. They have upheld its reputation as making the most outstanding timepiece in town from the company’s beginning to the present. Their automatic black dial is just one of the numerous items we adore from them.

Your eyes are in for a treat as soon as you pull this baby out of the box because of how classy and sophisticated it appears. There is no denying the flashiness of this timepiece. If there is any, it seems relatively easy! However, a closer examination of this beauty reveals otherwise.

A lovely touch of rose gold is added to the stainless-steel case, While the dial is a straightforward black tone, the rose gold serves as a lovely accent. This automatic piece has some basic features, so be aware of that. It has the customary date window, situated at the three o’clock position. Last but not least, this item has a 100-meter water resistance range.

2. Boderry Elite

The Elite’s case is constructed from 316L stainless steel. Nice lines and good machine work are evident throughout. The entire case has been polished, and the finishing has no flaws. The case measures 46mm from lug tip to lug tip, 40mm in diameter, 9.8mm in thickness, and 20mm in width. The proportions are ideal.

A beautiful Hangzhou 5000B movement can be found inside the Boderry Elite. The Hangzhou Watch Company manufactures the mechanical self-winding movement in China. Self-winding movements often feature a rotor on top of them that covers around half of the movement. It rotates as you move. It winds the watch while it revolves. To buy this watch for men, visit

3. Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Version

The Orient 2nd Generation Bambino is for you if you want an automatic timepiece that won’t break the budget. The well-known Japanese Orient still forges a name for itself in watchmaking.

It’s one of the best timepieces available that doesn’t cost much money. It only occasionally sells and at a meager cost. The Bambino is a bargain for such a stunning and refined piece. You’ll see that this Bambino Version appears pretty straightforward right out of the box.

4. Seiko Prospex Padi Special Edition


The first automatic watch created by Seiko, a master timepiece manufacturer in Japan, is bold, arrogant, and informal. The Men’s Prospex Padi Special Edition is an automatic diver that is surprisingly cozy while standing out like a sore thumb. The middle of the case has a concave curve that aggressively bites into the back, but the accordion-style strap also plays a role in the snug fit.

The accordion-style strap is not an innovation, but it is used here to devastating effect because it compresses and expands to always sit comfortably around the wrist, regardless of whether it is resting against skin or on a diving suit.

Seiko is renowned for its innovations in the field of diving watches, and it enjoys the significance of its innovations becoming universal standards. This is demonstrated in several ways, including the bracelet and the helium-insulated casing.

5. Fossil Men’s ME3110

This one’s for you if you desire one that is genuinely extravagant. A skeletal window, two subdials, and a textured inner ring are all present.

You can’t see inside the watch via its skeleton. As opposed to this, its surface has independent gears that are moving. You might not like the calendar feature, but it is included. It just displays the date, not the day or month. The leather band it comes with is not embossed like the leather bands on the other watches.

6. Bulova Men’s Automatic Casual

One brand that has been around for a very long time is Bulova. Bulova has been making the best timepieces suitable for all generations since 1875, and it still does. And their Automatic Casual watch is no exception to their skill.

Due to its matte-black silicone strap, this Bulova model differs from its other models because it has a sportier appearance. With lovely gold-tone accents to make it sparkle, the stainless-steel case material has a pleasant appearance. For a pleasant and elegant appearance, the dial’s inner dial ring and interior are both black.

7. Timex Waterbury Traditional Automatic


The Timex Waterbury Traditional Automatic is one of the best men’s watches available at this price point and embodies nostalgia. It joins other watches in the prestigious Waterbury collection to redefine the iconic brand.

A 21-jewel mechanical movement with a day-date complication displayed on the white dial powers this 42mm watch, a fan favorite. It is reliable and accurate. It has a steel strap and can withstand 50 meters of water. It’s an obvious choice for a man who wants straightforward and economical but also worthy of any watch collector.


It’s finally time to choose and get the ideal automatic watch for you now that you know the various models available. Which company will you select? We took great care to provide many selections on this list that we know you’ll like.

Finding the best can be difficult with so many well-known brands out there. The fact that each of these has a different conception of what constitutes the best makes this especially true.

The best automatic watches, however, may be attributed to a few brands that everyone can agree on. Because they’ve been in business for so long, they’ve developed a reputation for being a reliable manufacturer who doesn’t just create automatic watches.

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