5 Reasons to Avoid Buying Cheap Vlogging Cameras – 2024 Guide

“I am not rich enough to buy cheap things”

There are reasons why this proverb is still cited by numerous persons over the globe who have learned about its true value and recognized its importance. Therefore, the same goes for cheap vlogging cameras! Since buying recording equipment is not a thing you do every day, what you should do is carefully research all of your options before making a decision that will accompany you for a decent period and keep track of what you are doing. It is even better to wait and avoid unfavorable offers until you save up enough money for the real deal than to rush into making purchases that will fail to meet your needs.

Vlogging camera is a working tool and the service it provides influences the product you deliver a lot. You can even record a video with your phone since mobile devices are equipped with quality cameras and have features worthy of attention, but the end result cannot match the video you would be able to make if you acquire a high-quality vlogging camera. Unfortunately for the budget, these cameras cost money, but on the other hand, they also retain their value over time and deliver the material that you and your viewers both expect and want.

Experienced vloggers know that the equipment is crucial when it comes to the quality of their videos. Although the content is the most important, the vlogging camera is what enables your viewers to experience what you have to offer. The better the camera, the better the experience.

In the following lines, you will be presented with a list of reasons that will inform you of the downsides of buying a cheap vlogging camera. Of course, you should buy a quality piece of equipment for a small buck if you stumble upon it somewhere, but the chances for that are not as high as we would like them to be. Therefore, save up until you can afford a vlogging camera that will meet your wants and needs unless you want to deal with the faults following cheap stuff described in the lines below.

1. The Material Quality


What you pay for is what you get, so if you decide to be stingy, you will end up with a camera with poor or no quality at all. Vlogging cameras are a delicate piece of equipment, constructed from various parts. Namely, there are no surplus chunks, and they all have their role in the camera, from lens to battery. If you opt for a cheap version of the vlogging camera, you should not expect much from it, because the chances that it is made from low-quality materials are major. With poor materials comes poor endurance, so a chap camera will most likely break if you accidentally drop it, while the device made from quality parts should resist the impact.

The fact that you should not buy a cheap camera does not mean that you should spend a fortune on it. Therefore, look for different models online on various specialized websites, such as VlogTribe, where you can find both the gear and devices for a decent price.

2. The Image Quality

Almost every buyer who spends his money on a camera expects quality in return, no matter how much he is paying. An important thing to highlight is that there is a highly noticeable difference in the quality of the image made by cheap and pricey devices. The quality depends on multiple factors combined, not on just a few segments that cheap product marketing teams often use for promotion. Apart from hardware, even software plays a vital role in delivering an ideal image of what you want to capture, and that is what you should bear in mind when making a choice.

3. Battery Life


The battery represents the beating heart of your vlogging camera; therefore, it is utterly important to select a model with a reliable power source. While most of the batteries work well in the beginning, a great deal of them starts to lose their primal characteristic and fails to provide the energy required for the device to work. Cheap products are infamous for failing to provide the experience their users expect, which comes as no surprise since the quality battery costs money. This is a thing to worry about when opting for a specific model since the more features a device offers, the more reliable energy source it requires.

4. The Capacity

The more videos you make, the more space they occupy on your device. Although this could easily be amended with additional memory cards, it still costs money. What cheap devices lack is memory space, and often they are limited in the means of supporting large capacity memory cards. This is a constant feature and cannot be fixed later on, so you should bear this in mind before making a purchase.

5. The Features


This is what we all enjoy the most. When people decide to buy a device of any kind, they most frequently learn about the most prominent models, and later they continue the search for a variant that suits their financial capabilities the most. Things are not any different in the world of vlogging cameras. Namely, cheap products fail to amaze with the features they provide, and without anything interesting to offer, it comes as no surprise that the price is minimal. The idea is to get the most bang for the buck, but with cheap cameras, you get almost no bang at all.

Unfortunately, the superiority comes with a price when we talk about vlogging cameras. Therefore, it is better to wait and save up some more cash than to spend any amount on a device that will fail to satisfy your wants and needs. Apart from the quality, you will obtain an item of value if you opt for a more expensive vlogging camera. These devices are not overpriced, since they reflect the cost of quality parts from which they are made. Therefore, it is relatively easy to conclude why certain products are cheap and why others are not. Do your research and enjoy making videos with your new vlogging camera!

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