How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Be‌ ‌More‌ ‌Original‌ ‌When‌ ‌Writing‌ ‌An‌ ‌Essay‌ ‌

Everyone reading an essay wants to engage with original and unique ideas. A repetitive essay feels like a waste of time and will result in poor grades. According to ewritingservice, everyone has the potential to produce original essay ideas.

An original idea is not necessarily new. A fresh perspective to an old idea still counts as a new idea. You only need to convince the reader that he is getting value for time by reading your essay. Here are interesting tricks to help you produce the most original essay.

Read widely


Read extensively about the subject to understand it better. As you engage with the ideas of different writers, you will identify fault lines that could be the beginning of fresh ideas. The mixture of different perspectives and ideas will also open your mind to see new possibilities that you never thought existed.

The quality of materials you read will determine the level of originality you can achieve. Refer to books by credible authors and publishers. Their ideas are thoroughly scrutinized, eliminating the possibility of errors in argument. You will also identify information gaps that you can fill using fresh research. Above all, reading widely helps you to avoid repeating ideas that have been discussed exhaustively.

Look for alternative reference materials

The same reference materials like books, articles, journals, podcasts, and websites will always produce the same results. Look further to enlighten your ideas and discussion. Go beyond the recommended course books. It is a chance to expand your perspective on the subject.

One of the best sources of original ideas is news items. Magazine shows that address current issues in different areas will enrich your thinking and perspective on the subject. Watch podcasts by enlightened scholars or gurus in the industry. In the end, you have original and interesting ideas to discuss in your paper.

Check research recommendations


Research recommendations arise out of extensive academic work by some of the best scholars. By the time they are making recommendations, they have evaluated the existing academic materials and confirmed the existence of a gap. The recommendations will give you a hint of a research gap you can fill.

The recommendations must come from credible scholars. The papers should also be published in reputable journals. The vetting process that goes into preparing these books and journals ensure that the gaps identified are legitimate. They will guide you effectively in your research work.

Go with the minority opinion

Most writers and readers are familiar with majority opinions. In fact, many scholars consider such opinions as fact, with little regard for minority view. In some cases, the minority is right. Dig deeper into the facts presented and form an independent opinion.

Minority decisions are not necessarily wrong. In some cases, the minority positions hold because data to support alternative views does not exist. The positions also form a part of obscure literature that rarely receive attention. Explore the possibility of mainstreaming the minority opinion and change the narrative on the subject.

Collect fresh data


Go to the field and collect fresh data. Test the data against new parameters and using modern techniques. Scrutinize biases that may have led to the previous conclusion. Once you present the fresh data to your readers, you can change the narrative around a long held notion.

Include photos, data, and illustrations

A lot of essays are made up of lengthy prose. It is tiring to the eyes and brain to read through these long sentences. Give your readers a new perspective by including photos, illustrations, charts, and infographics. As you break the monotony of prose writing, the ideas discussed will be easier to understand. Your explanations will make more sense to the reader compared to reading long paragraphs.

Review old ideas using new tools


The world has a way of being complacent when some people speak. They take icons and celebrated scholars to be mini gods. The world does not question their views or words. In other cases, old methods that came with biases have been used to suppress new ideas. Turn the situation around by using new tools and techniques to verify old claims. You will open a new debate on fresh possibilities in your area of study. You can learn more by contacting writing experts.

Check news items

Have you watched news lately? What is the latest discovery, challenge, or controversy? Ride on that wave to write the most original essay. New items highlight prevailing challenges. The issues discussed indicate that your industry is looking for answers. Provide the answers through your essay. The essay could turn you into a global icon for solving an industry problem.

Be uncomfortable with the obvious


While you have every reason to believe what you read, express your reservations. A scholar is a curious mind that must not shy away from verifying old information. Do not take conclusions lying down. Take time to these conclusions until you are sure that the data cannot provide an alternative outcome. You will be surprised at how much you can spin out of different situations.

Value your opinion

Your opinion is as valid as that of the most celebrated scholar in your discipline. Express it in your essay without reservation. As long as you can proof the claims you make, express these ideas boldly. You could change the trajectory of an entire industry in the process.

Essay writing tests your originality and creativity. Shun repetition of ideas and make your writing more interesting to read. You will be rewarded with good grades and academic satisfaction for writing the most original ideas.

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