• Health

    5 Best Laboratory Safety Practices

    When was the last time you reviewed your laboratory safety procedures? It may sound like a huge task but regardless of the size of your facility, it is always a good idea to regularly examine the practices in place. Over time, circumstances and regulations change and may warrant an update or revision of safety procedures. By keeping procedures current ensures…

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  • News

    Yahoo User Data Stolen Again

    This is exactly what you get for signing up with antiquated tech companies. According to CNN Yahoo admits to another breach among user accounts. The New York Times estimates over 1 billion email accounts were hacked. When you might not think that has any significance because your yahoo account might be filled with spam mail and thousands of unsent no…

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  • Finance

    7 Marketing Trends For Financial Services in 2020

    There is no denying – technology is changing the world around us. This makes it quite logical that we also saw financial institutions adapting to innovative technology and the use of various digital platforms to increase customer optimization. All financial institutions should be ready to focus on utilizing the data they gather in order to improve the experiences their clients…

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