6 Benefits of Herbal Remedies for Mood Swings

Over the course of human civilization there have been numerous plants cultivated, grown, and consumed in various forms because of their beneficial properties. This gave birth to a whole new way of keeping plants in one’s back garden with the sole purpose of having fresh ingredients from homegrown herbs to use in the kitchen and as remedies. Most of such plants are easy to plant and care for as they are able to withstand various conditions making them a great choice for your yard.

If you are a fan of nature, flowers, and caring for your own plants at home, we have a question for you. Have you ever thought about planting something that will give back to you in more ways than aesthetics and having a colorful and beautiful garden? There is nothing wrong with having multiple flowers blooming away on your property, but once you are able to cure your everyday ailments with ingredients straight from your backyard, there is no going back.

In the article here we will talk about the most useful benefits of herbal remedies and how they can help your mood swings. Mood swings are symptoms of various diseases and states and they tend to make our lives very difficult. Therefore, tackling them and getting back in control over your actions or lack thereof should be prevalent. Luckily, many herbs can do just that if prepared the right way so without further ado, let us talk about these benefits. To learn more about healthy herbs, make sure to check out

What Causes Mood Swings?

When it comes to mood swings that can be somewhat easily treated with homegrown herbs, there needs to be a few words about what really causes them. Mood swings are states of body and mind during which you go through several different feelings like tiredness, annoyance, sudden happiness or sadness, or even spikes in energy levels that go from exercising to not have the will to move. These are all quite difficult to deal with on a daily basis especially for busy people who must finish a lot of chores and obligations during the week.
Mood swings as such are usually caused by modern issues like stress, depression and anxiety. What is more, bad sleeping habits like an irregular sleeping pattern or not enough sleep are enough to ruin your day entirely. Cramps, muscle soreness, or menstrual and menopause related issues are also known mood swing triggers. The good news is that most of these problems can be treated with one or a few herbs you can plant and consume as teas, tinctures, or tonics.

1. Chamomile for Calmness


Chamomile tea is famous for its relaxing properties. The dried up flowers and leaves can be turned into potent drinks that will elevate stress levels and treat your depression and anxiety. The calmness and relaxation associated with this plant is very famous and numerous cultures have been using it for centuries. As mentioned, tea is the go-to way of consumption but you can also make tinctures.

2. Lavender for Relaxation


With quite similar properties to chamomile, lavender oil is famous around the world, especially in the Mediterranean, as a great remedy for reducing anxiety levels and treating daily disturbances. Moreover, dried lavender leaves and flowers are able to help you sleep better which is why they are usually tied in little cloth bags and placed under pillows and in wardrobes. The pleasant, relaxing smell does wonders in all sorts of ways.

3. Saffron for Depression


If depression is something you are dealing with on a regular basis, there is no better herb to start using in your everyday diet than saffron. It is a difficult plant to grow and cultivate most of the time, but you do not necessarily have to grow your own if you cannot. This brightly colored spice comes from a beautiful flower and it also has antioxidant compounds. It will boost your mood each time around since it increases the levels of serotonin in the brain, which is the “happy hormone.”

4. Saint John’s Wort


A lot of people consider this beautiful yellow flower plant as an alternative prescription for depression and is a known antidepressant far and wide. It promotes the creation of more serotonin (happy hormone) and norepinephrine (stress hormone). Both of these are directly responsible for many of the mood swings you may experience as a result of depression, stress, and anxiety. It is among the most studied herbs out there with numerous researches and studies carried out proving its efficiency.

5. Calcium Rich Herbs


Calcium is among the most needed minerals for the proper functions in our body. Although it is more important for our physical well-being than our mental peace and ease of mind, there can hardly be one without the other. A healthy mind is far more easily achieved if your bones and teeth are healthy. Herbs and spices you can grow that are rich in calcium include basil, savory, marjoram, thyme, sage, rosemary, dill, and stinging nettle. You can use them as fresh and dry spices in your cooking or make teas, tonics, and tinctures with them. All of these are easy to grow and you can do it in small pots.

6. Rhodiola Rosea is Near Magic


To finish things off on a strong note, we must mention this amazing leafy yellow plant. It is jam-packed with beneficial properties for all sorts of problems that can cause frequent mood swings. From decreasing your stress and depression levels significantly to helping you fight off fatigue, there are so many great things about this little-known plant. Sleeping well is important for the brain, and rhodiola improves the brain functions and promotes healthier sleeping patterns. Not only will it help you recover faster after physically exhausting tasks, but it can also improve your exercise performance. Last but not least, it is also said to help control diabetes and help in terms of preventing cancers.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Opting to plant and grow one of these herbs is great, but making an effort and including all of them into your diet will make you a much healthier and less mood-swingy person. With the newfound peace of mind and the feeling of healthiness, you can easily become a more productive and happier person and all you will have to thank are these magnificent natural remedies that cured your mood swings.

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