One of the Best Decisions You Can Make for Your Little One

Becoming a new parent comes with all its responsibilities and decisions to take for your little one on the way, from diapers to sleep routines, to bath time, to feeding your little one. It can become overwhelming with the vast amount of things to do and decide in your little one’s best interest.

However, the decision regarding how you will nourish your little one is by far one of the most important things to consider. Many parents will always go with breastfeeding as this is one of the best ways to nourish your little one as they grow. Although, in some cases, breastmilk is not an option and supplementing is necessary.

You may ask if anything comes close to breastmilk that will give your little one the wholesome nutrition they require without all the harmful ingredients that, unfortunately, happen to be in many formulas on the market today. Well, the answer is, yes! Thankfully there are formulas now that you can get which only offer clean ingredients and many other benefits to help your little one grow and thrive throughout each stage of their early life.

So that you can find the perfect formula for your special little one with pure, wholesome nutrition without the need for unnecessary ingredients that harm your little one’s well being, click here to check out one of the many options. Read on for more information about these healthy formula options.

European Formula


So unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably come across the rising popularity of the European formula. Many parents have been making the switch and are reporting that they are so happy they did and with a good reason for it.

European formulas offered in America are predominantly organic, but even the non-organic version are fantastic. They offer pure, wholesome nutrition and provide many other benefits to your little one through every developmental stage. European Formula has many regulations that go above and beyond the guidelines that the FDA follows. So they ensure that your little one is only receiving the best quality baby formula.

You will never find pesticides, synthetic nutrients, GMO’s, heavy metals, mineral oil, gluten, preservatives, or corn syrup in these European formulas. All the ingredients are designed and produced to mimic breast milk’s nutritional contents closely. In order to achieve that, they use organic lactose as the primary carbohydrate and use organic vegetable oil blends to feature the many fatty acids found in breast milk.

Prebiotics and probiotics are also added into many of the European formulas to act and replicate the immunity properties found in breast milk. Whey is also added in some formulas to make the protein ratios mimic the whey and casein proportions found in breast milk.

Another great benefit offered from European formulas is that it is structured in stages. Meaning that through every stage of the European formulas, they have designed and catered each stage to meet the specific developmental nutrients your little one requires in each age as they grow.


Basically, in each stage, the formula will correspond to the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are suitable for your little one, in order to provide them with a complete nutrition source at the age they currently are at. The different formulas stages that there are in European formulas are as follows:

  • Stage PRE: Birth to 6 months – In many ways, the Stage Pre baby formula is similar to Stage 1. They are both suitable for babies from birth to six months of age. Many parents assume that this formula stage is only designed for premature babies. Although that is not the case, this baby formula stage can be used for premature babies and babies ranging from birth to six months.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The main difference between Stage PRE formulas and Stage 1 formulas is that Stage Pre formulas do not contain starch, which can sometimes be hard for newborns to digest. Although some parents prefer the added starch in their baby formula as they feel that it helps their babies feel fuller, other parents choose not to have it entirely. Of course, this is always something to consult your pediatrician to see what is best for your little one.
  • Stage 1: 0 to 6 months – Stage 1 formula is designed to correspond to the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed for newborns and infants. This can include preemies as well. As mentioned before, many of the stage 1 options included starch, but you can also find some brands that don’t include starch in any of their stages.
  • Stage 2: 6 to 12 months – At Stage 2 or referred to as “follow on formula,” the baby formula is designed to cater more for babies in the age range of 6 to 12 months. This means that the levels of minerals and nutrients, like iron, and protein are catered for the developing baby at this stage. Stage 2 formulas are more suitable for use alongside solid foods.
  • Stage 3: 10 months and older – At Stage 3, many parents notice that their little ones are no longer satisfied with their baby formula. For times like these, this stage offers higher calorie nutrition and provides more vitamins and minerals that cater to this age range and their growing body.
  • Stage 4: Toddler Formula – Stage 4 is for little ones from 12 to 24 months and older. This stage is intended and perfect for toddlers that are getting a good amount of calories from their solid foods, but as a parent, you want to ensure your little one is getting all the nutritional needs that are needed at this age. Some parents will transition to whole milk. However, other parents use the formula to ensure they cover all the bases in their little one’s full nutrition and don’t miss out on any nutrients they might not be receiving from the solid foods they are eating. This can especially be the case sometimes when you have a little picky eater.

Sensitive Formulas


Nonetheless, European formulas also offer great benefits for babies with special dieting needs, so that should not be an issue if that is the case with your little one. If you have a fussy baby that suffers from digestive problems, there are also options that European formulas offer to cater to that problem.

European sensitive formulas provide the best results for fussy, gassy, and upset babies. European formulas have a wide-ranging product availability from cow milk-based formulas, goat milk formulas, and sensitive stomach formulas, as mentioned above. Regardless of your little one’s needs, there is something that will be perfect for your little one to supplement them with and that provides pure, wholesome nutrition to help them thrive and grow throughout each developmental stage in their growth.


Undoubtedly, breast milk has always been the best thing you can offer your little one. For many parents, breastmilk is not an option or isn’t possible due to health, work, or family reasons. European formula is the best way to go when choosing formula for your baby, as it is the next best option you can give your little one at the beginning of their lifelong journey. A well-fed baby is a healthy, happy baby. So aside from deciding what’s best to supplement your little one and provide them with wholesome nutrition, check out these worksheets for homeschooling your children in Kindergarten.

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