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Are you a wine lover? If so, are you sure that you’re storing it correctly, and that you are taking care of it? Wine drinkers and lovers should approach their collections differently. If you are newbies when it comes to your wine storage you will appreciate this article! This especially applies to those who have pricey bottles that are over 600$, as well as those who are planning on purchasing some pricier kinds. You do know that wine gets better with age and as time goes on, right? Well, if you wish to embrace your collection and take care of it the best way you can & in the future, keep on reading & follow these rules!

First, make sure that you evaluate the wine

Start the process by doing a bit of evaluation. Not all wines are meant to stay tasty or get even more delicious as they age and as time goes on. Make sure that you ask yourself the following set of questions:

  • Do you want to store it, or drink it right away?
  • Do you have enough space at the moment?
  • What type of wine is it, and will it get better with age?

Read the back label and focus on its expiration date. Most wines will have everything written out and will basically already tell you how to approach them & how to store them.

Top 6 rules to understand when it comes to your wine storage

1. Avoid sunlight & find yourself a dark storage space


Sunlight can cause damage to your wine and it can change its color, as well as flavor. This is why most wines are stored in cellars. White wine is more prone to sunlight damage and exposure due to its color. This is also because it is stored in clear bottles that have a lot less protection than darker bottles. Try to store your bottle in a dark & dry place, and aim for UV-resistant doors or windows. Don’t rush the storing process, and rather figure out the perfect spot before you begin your collection.

2. Go for ideal consistent temperature

Keep the temperature and humidity consistent in the long run. Most experts recommend staying at the temperature of anywhere from 45-65 degrees. If you go above 70 you can cause the wine to spoil. Humidity is also important since you don’t want to have dried-out corks. You can simply purchase a hygrometer which will tell you about the humidity of your room. You can easily find this little tool in some larger stores + it is super inexpensive as well.

3. Don’t place it in an upright position


It’s best to store corked wine on its side, believe it or not. If your bottle has a cork (which is a case in 90% cases) it is vital to store it on the side. This is because upright storage can cause the cork to dry out. A dried-out cork will lead to oxygen exposure and poor spoiled wine, as well as bad taste. Always lay your bottle on the side, and don’t keep it in the upright position for too long.

4. Watch out for its expiration date in the first place

Most bottles do last for years. However, not every bottle is meant to age (this is the case with some expensive bottles). You should keep your bottle around the one or two-year mark and drink it during that time period. Your wine is probably going to include an expiration date on the bottle. However, if it doesn’t, try to drink it in the upcoming 1-2 years.

PS: Most dark wines last for 3 years. Most white wines last for up to two years.

5. Do not store your bottles in the fridge


It is okay to store the wine in your fridge for 3-4 days, but don’t overdo it. However, the coldness & vibrations that are in our fridge can damage the wine over time. Make sure that you are delicate toward your favorite bottle since after opening it and placing it in the fridge there is a high chance that you have a 3-day period to drink it. Dried-out air is another type of an enemy to your bottle, so heads up, and drink up!

6. Be gentle with it

Your wine will enjoy its time in the storage or in the cellar. You should keep it still and go back to it only when you’re ready to have a sip. Try not to stack bottles of bottles on top of each other either since there is a high chance of spilling it all, as well as of them breaking. Avoid shaking the wine (this also applies to some home appliances that can shake up your bottles, such as a drier or a washing machine), and be gentle with it if you want to prolong its lifespan.

Where to keep your bottles?

In conclusion, aiming for a dark, cool & humid-free room is the best solution for anyone who wishes to have practical storage. If you don’t have a cellar or a dark attic (which would be great places to store the bottles) you can opt for simple & small racks that you should place in a safe place. Store them in a small & sealed room (like a storage room) that doesn’t get a lot of sunshine on a daily. You can go for your at-home storage, small office, or your cabinets. Just stay away from high heat, UV exposure, as well as steamy rooms.

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