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    6 Reasons Why Your iPhone is So Slow – 2020 Guide

    There’s nothing more frustrating than having a slow iPhone. When your apps take an eternity to load, and your screen seems to freeze every couple of minutes, you know something isn’t quite right. iPhones are famous for their speed and reliability, so what could have possibly gone wrong? In this article, we’ll try to help you find the potential cause…

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  • Tips

    Top 5 Items You Shouldn’t Store Long-Term – 2020 Guide

    We live at a time when an increasing number of people are finding the need to declutter their homes. For some, it’s from a personal desire to revel in the magic of a tidy space, while others are disciples of the Marie Kondo method jumping on the bandwagon of this modern fad. Whichever the case, the need to declutter has…

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