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Blue Ivy Carter Net Worth 2024

Born into a life of luxury and opulent success and wealth Blue Ivy Carter was crowned the ultimate celebrity child before her existence thanks to celebrity parents Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles. With millions of album sales, business ventures, sold out tours and over $1 billion sitting in a joint account Blue Ivy parent’s have worked hard so she would never have to put that odd name on any job application.

Her name was rumored to be derived from the illuminati. Because of their success Jay and Queen B (dubbed by fans and music critics) have been the center of rumors and conspiracy theories explaining their sudden success but it was years of hard work and talent that set these two above the pack. They named Blue Ivy after their albums Blueprint and 4 by Beyonce which they used the roman numerals IV.

Beyonce’s pregnancy was announced by the singer herself during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. She walked onto the red carpet holding her stomach revealing her baby bump and during the performance of her number 1 single Love On Top she opened her blazer and showed her stomach to millions of fans. Blue Ivy was born to be a star.

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