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Bow Wow Net Worth 2024

  • Birth name: Shad Moss
    Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio
    Birthday: March 9, 1987
    Net Worth: $200,000

It’s been a busy 2017 for former So So Def prodigy Bow Wow. The rapper is embroiled in a huge controversy that is costing him major coins. Just this week he tweeted to Donald Trump attacking his wife after the orange president called Snoop Dogg washed up. For those who don’t know Snoop and Bow Wow have a relationship dating way back to the early 90’s. It was Snoop that was responsible for the beginnings of his career. Shad Moss was only 4 when he performed on stage with the West Coast rapper. Although fans can agree Melania Trump and the Donald are not likeable it was a certain level of distaste in Bow Wow’s tweet that sent fans over the edge. Bow Wow threatened to pimp out Trump’s wife which lead to a series of negative backlash on social media.

The 30 year old landed a role in the upcoming Friday sequel. Rumors of the sequel have been swirling through the industry for 5 years. But with scheduling conflict and issues with different production companies the sequel went quiet. But today it was confirmed by Sony Pictures that the studio was currently casting for smaller parts since Cube and Tucker signed on. No word if Nia Long would reprise her role. With a large budget Bow Wow was reportedly offered nearly $1 million for the role. His story line and character was not revealed by according to sources he had a major role.

It’s been years since he has been cast in anything going back to his last gig as a 106th and Park host. This role was just the thing his career need for revival but it looks like Sony dropped him from the role due to the backlash from his tweet. We’ll see who ends up with Shad’s role later this year.

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