7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Outdoor Furniture – 2024 Guide

Even though a lot of people would argue otherwise, buying outdoor furniture is a task of its own. Some may think that it is fairly easy. All you have to do is to go to the store and get the one you like the best. Well, unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.

As you can assume by the title of this article, there are some common mistakes people make when buying new outdoor furniture. If you are about to tackle this task, keep reading because we will tell you what these mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Don’t forget to measure the space


This is the first thing many people ignore, so they go to the store, make a purchase, and come home only to realize that the pieces are either too small or, on the other hand, too big, meaning that they don’t fit their patio perfectly. If you are quite restricted space-wise, you may not be able to arrange the furniture the way you want to. Even if you manage to find a place for each piece, you may end up being forced to jump over them, which is something that you definitely don’t want to.

On the other note, if you have a large area at your disposal, you probably want to fill it out with furniture, flower beds, and other things. Well, if you don’t measure the space, you may end up with pieces that are too small. It also may be a good idea to picture where each piece will go. It will significantly facilitate the entire process.

Think about the materials

When making this purchase, most people want to get trendy pieces without even thinking whether they are right for them. Yes, we understand this, but still, you should consider a few things. Firstly, there is the question of weather conditions. Naturally, this depends on the area where you live. For example, aluminum is not great for windy areas because it is lightweight.

Furthermore, if you want to leave furniture outside under direct sunlight throughout the entire summer, stainless steel isn’t the best option since it can get really hot.

If it rains quite often, you should avoid furniture made of wood since it will require frequent maintenance. Naturally, wicker pieces are also out of the question, unless you will keep them under a covered space.

Pieces to buy


Before you even start this search, you should list all the pieces you want to get. Clearly, you have to think about the available space and make sure that they can all fit perfectly. Then think about how and when you will use them. For example, if you live alone or with your spouse, you may go with a simple set that includes a few chairs and a small table.

On the contrary, if you often plan gatherings and parties with your friends, you should think about getting an extendable outdoor table that is large enough to accommodate all of your guests but that you can fold back, so it doesn’t take a lot of space. But if you think that you have enough room for a larger couch, you can consider getting them from Chesterfield Sofa Company or Anthropologie, perfect for groups.

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Don’t go with the cheapest options

Even if you will be using outdoor furniture only a few months a year, due to weather conditions, it still isn’t doesn’t mean that you should go with the cheapest option. Without a doubt, this is the most common mistake people make. They search online or go to the store and purchase the least expensive option. But, sometimes, it can cost you more than a pricier set.

Firstly, these pieces are of low-quality, meaning that you will have to invest a lot of time and effort in maintaining them if you want them to last. Moreover, sometimes this isn’t enough, so you may have to buy a new set next year.

In addition, these pieces are often very uncomfortable, which is something you want to avoid regardless of the type of furniture you are buying. It means that you will have to be extra careful about using it, which can be almost impossible if you have young kids or pets. They won’t care whether they will damage it or not.

Think about the decking


No, we are not talking about the design and appearance of the deck, even though it may be an important requirement if you want to go with a set that matches it perfectly. Instead, you should consider the type of decking you have. For example, it consists of wooden planks chair legs may be too skinny, meaning that they will easily get stuck in those gaps. This can turn out to be quite annoying since you will have to look every time when you move a chair and before you sit on it. If you have a wood deck, you should definitely inspect the chair legs of a potential set before buying it.

Do a ‘sit test’

The main feature of a furniture set is that it must withstand the bodyweight of every person that uses it. Oftentimes, people get distracted by the patterns, colors, and the overall design of the furniture, and they completely forget to test it. You do this before buying numerous items, and outdoor pieces are no different.

What’s more, you have to ensure that the chair and sofa are comfortable. Yes, we know you won’t use them all the time, but still, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to relax and spend a pleasant summer evening in your backyard.

Remember to get furniture protection


When buying outdoor pieces, a lot of people only picture them during warm and sunny weather. However, what will happen to the cushions when it rains? Sure, they may have a waterproof feature, but this won’t be totally effective when it is pouring. This is why you have to figure out how to protect them because not only do they take a long time to dry, but overtime, mildew will probably develop.

So, make sure to investigate these items. You can go with covers with zippers on them, which ensure that they will stay on the furniture. It also might be a good idea to invest in a box or a container to store all the cushions. Sure, this is an additional expense, but believe us, it is worth it.

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