8 Tips for Choosing the Best Low Maintenance Decking Option – 2024 Guide

Who said that renovating a property is an easy task? Sure, it is fun and exciting, but at the same time, it can be quite tiring simply because you have to make a lot of decisions. It is crucial to make the entire home comfortable, but you also have to go with materials and items that have a long life expectancy and require little maintenance.

These two features are especially significant when it comes to the deck. After all, it is the area of the home where you will spend a lot of time throughout the year. Think about all the gatherings that you will host. This is why you have to make the best choice when choosing the decking material, and we have some tips for you.

1. Is your deck exposed to the sun?

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This might seem like an odd question, but hear us out. If it is exposed to direct sunlight, the deck is bound to get really hot. It means that you might not be able to walk barefoot on it, so if this is an important requirement for you, you have to do some research.

The first thing that you have to consider is the material. For example, even though composite options provides you with numerous benefits, it includes plastic, which can get really hot. What’s more, if this is the case with your deck, you should consider a light-colored option. If you are having a difficult time making this choice, you should get some samples, lay them outside, and test them. This is the best way to eliminate those that get too hot and find the best option for your home.

2. Will it get wet?

Naturally, the area will get wet every time it rains, but you have to think about how wet it will get. This is another question you have to answer before opting for decking material. As you can imagine, depending on the type of decking, it can get very slippery, which can keep you off of it every time it rains.

To dodge this problem, you should avoid the smooth option and go with a texture one. This is especially important if it will go around the pool or to the home’s main entrance. Also, don’t forget to inspect the resistance of each material to water damage.

3. Is it difficult to install?


Next, if you want to complete this task on your own, you have to learn about the installation process itself. Besides, don’t forget that you will need the tools and supplies, and these will be another point on your bills. For example, some people want the deck to look perfect when it comes to its aesthetic appearance, so they opt for hidden fasteners. There is also a clip system, but this one has its pros and cons you should learn about. Don’t forget that going in this direction can significantly increase the overall cost, so make sure to incorporate it into your budget.

4. How will you use it?

The answer to this question will enable you to make the best choice regarding its durability. If you don’t usually spend a lot of time outside, you can go with a cheaper option. However, if you have young kids or grandkids who will spend most of the time playing and jumping on it, you have to go with the most durable option you have. The same rule applies if you want to install it around the pool or garden where you will host gatherings with your friends.

5. Does it match the overall design?


It doesn’t matter if you are doing some small renovations around the property because you probably want to make sure that the new deck fits perfectly with the rest of the house. Some people might argue that the design isn’t crucial, but it can bother you after some time.

If you have a traditional house, you are probably thinking of going in the same direction with the decking material, but keep in mind that pressured wood isn’t a low-maintenance option. Instead, you should consider composite one, which includes both natural fibers and plastic, and that comes in a variety of colors and styles.

6. Don’t forget about the additional fee

When making this purchase, you won’t only pay for decking planks but also numerous other items you will use to install it. You can use the basic tools you have in your garage to install composite decking, but you should also remember that you will have to use fasteners, screws, and so on. A lot of people forget to include the cost of these in their overall calculation, so they end up surprised upon receiving the final invoice. To avoid this from happening, make sure to inquire about the cost of these, and learn what additional object you will need by visiting

7. Inquire about regulations


If you have already found the best option for you, now you have to make sure that it is up to the inspection code. Not a lot of people are familiar with this, but in some areas, there are city regulations that you must meet. There are some limitations when it comes to composite decking and where it can be installed. There are also some requirements when it comes to how it is installed, so make sure to check all of this out before making the purchase.

8. Consider your budget

Generally speaking, besides the fact that it requires low maintenance and that it is very durable, composite decking is one of the cheapest options on the market. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should go to the store and buy it. There are numerous things to consider.

We have already mentioned the extra supply and tools that you will need to install it. Next, you have to think about the size of the area and calculate how much material you will need. Also, the cost of the decking can greatly vary depending on its color and texture. Finally, if you want to save some money, you will have to make a small sacrifice, and our advice is to forget about hidden fasteners and go with face screws.

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