Can You Chip Tune A Petrol Engine?

There are several car lovers and professional racers who upgrade their car to the maximum capacity and optimise its performance by chip tuning the engine. There are various reasons to chip tune a petrol engine which has both pros and cons of its own.

Chip tune a petrol engine gives your car more speed, more steam and more power on the streets. Are you looking forward to improving your car performance? Visit and optimise your car by enhancing engine power and acceleration, reducing fuel consumption and improving the sound of your car. Upgrade your car to the next level and rule the roads.

How to chip tune a petrol engine?


Nowadays, petrol engines of almost every vehicle are operated by a computerised device known as ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU operates several settings of the petrol engine like the ignition timing, boost pressure, air: fuel ratio etc.

You can optimise these settings and upgrade your car engine to its optimal capacity and increase the performance and economy of your vehicle. You can optimise these settings by rewriting with programs in the ECU with the use of a laptop.

These programs replace the manufacturer’s installed programs and give you the ability to customise these settings to run the engine to its maximum capacity depending upon the vehicle. This process of optimising a petrol engine is called chip tuning or remapping.

To chip tune a petrol engine, you need a laptop to install the program and a vehicle’s OBD adapter plug to connect the laptop with the car’s OBD port. This process of remapping doesn’t take much time in modern vehicles, but in older vehicles, you have to replace the ECU completely with a new chip with pre-installed programs.

With the help of software on your laptop, you can easily rewrite the manufacturer’s pre-installed programs and replace them with your customisable programs. This process usually takes from 20-30 minutes. You can revert to the manufacturer’s standard programs anytime you want to.

The other way of chip tune involves remapping systems that provide another extra tiny ECU to the cable harness. This extra ECU provides you wireless control of a variety of customisable settings with the use of your smartphones. This effective way to optimise your engine’s performance gives you the power to unleash your car’s maximum power.

What are the effects of a chip tune on a petrol engine?


There are several effects of chip tuning a petrol engine. It increases your car performance to its maximum limit and makes it fully economical. You can increase the power of the engine by increasing horsepower and torque or reduce the fuel consumption making it more economical.

You can even have both the features with proper adjustment in the fuel injection and enhancement of torque. Also, the enhancement in torque gives you lesser turbo lag and a comfortable driving experience.

Since you are rewriting programs and replacing them with the manufacturer’s pre-installed programs, you will lose your warranty, and if you wish to replace your engine, the manufacturer will not be liable to replace or rebuild the engine. If something goes wrong with the engine, you will have to replace or rebuild it, paying money from your pockets. Research the company and check for reviews before you make any decision.

Also, altering the settings might give you a hard time controlling the engine. It really matters who wrote the program and how well your car engine is being chip tuned. So always ensure that these ECU programs you are installing are completely safe and if you are considering chip tune the engine look for a trusted, reputed company with years of experience.

How does chip tunes increase the performance and economy of the car?


Chip tune any petrol engine will increase the performance and economy of the car. You can increase a good percentage of power with chip tunes even with a 1-litre engine capacity when there is a turbocharger or supercharger installed.

An engine functions by igniting the mixture of air and compressed fuel inside the cylinders. Vehicles with turbochargers have more fuel compression that allows more fuel to fill in these cylinders before ignition the mixture. More fuel compression leads to more power, thus increasing the performance of the engine, making it more economical or fuel-efficient.

When you chip tune the engine, the new program mainly changes the fuel compression, fuel: air ratio and boost pressure that makes the turbochargers or superchargers increase the fuel compression. Hence vehicles without turbochargers can have a limited increase in power and speed, whereas vehicles with turbochargers can unlock the maximum capacity of the engine with proper configuration.

Besides increasing the performance of the engine and economy of the car, there are other two exciting features you get after chip tune your car engine. These features are valet mode and immobiliser mode.

A valet mode is a specially designed feature that is useful when you give your car valeting services. In this mode, you can restrict your car to be taken for long drives by disabling almost every system feature. This feature limits the top speed of the car to 10 – 20 mph and only permits you to move your car for a very short distance.

The immobiliser mode is an anti-theft system that restricts your car to be drivable by any other person even if they have your keys and try to start your car. This mode is activated with a switch device, and without the switch, nobody can drive the car.

Wrapping Up

Chip tune or remapping any petrol engine can be beneficial, especially when the warranty period of your car has ended. Remapping your vehicle unleash the optimal capacity of your engine and giving you freedom and superiority while driving your vehicle.

Now you can drive the empty city roads and highways with more high speed having the optimum driving experience ever. Don’t forget to research the company before you decide to chip tune the engine of your vehicle. Also, do give notice to your insurance company about the new modification in your vehicle.

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