18 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Venue – 2024 Guide

After doing your research and exploring your options, you should book your wedding, and find an amazing venue that will suit you and your loved one! However, sometimes it is hard to do the method of elimination since you do not know where to start, and what steps to take. For planning purposes, make sure to be smart about it, and ask the following 18 questions!

1. What is your budget?

You should ask the venue about their prices. Also, make sure that you are well aware of your budget (not just the minimum) and see how it fits in with your plans. Talk about prices before you make your next move. If you want to explore some options and see amazing venue ideas, as well as neat flower arrangements and decorations, Smoked Garage will leave you speechless with some of their creations!

2. Are you okay with the final date?

When is your date? Do you have something specific in mind, since you believe in the power of numbers and you have a lucky number in mind? Well, ask your venue if they have this open. If not, you will have to keep looking or try to settle for something else.

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3. Do they understand your style?

This is very important, and you two should have an open talk before you make things official. Are you more-so into rustic, romantic, or modern vibes? Most importantly, can the venue meet your expectations and your criteria? You two should see eye to eye, on most topics!

4. How many people can fit?

Ask them how they feel about spacier rooms, and if they have them available at the venue. Do you wish to fit 70, or 200 people? Talk with them and come to a conclusion, but make sure that your guest invitation list is ready.

5. How does the driving distance look like?

If there are no transportation services, make sure to ask the reception if they have something to offer. Also, ask them about some shortcuts, what is the traffic like usually at certain times, and if there are any bumpers that guests should look out for.

6. Are there any hotels nearby, and which ones do you recommend?

If some of your guests are coming from a different town, state, or even continent, make sure to accommodate them accordingly. Ask the venue if there is something nearby that is practical, beautiful, and not too expensive since it will make their stay a lot more pleasurable.

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7. How does public transportation look like?

Public transportation can play a huge role, especially if you want to bring your guests home safely. Ask yourself if the venue is close to any transportation since guests who plan on drinking will appreciate staying extra safe at the end of the night.

8. What other services are there?

What else does your venue offer? Some places offer different menus which is great if you have someone who has a special dietary restriction.  You might also appreciate a backup general plan, cocktail hour, separate rooms for kids and babies to have fun at, parking, security, etc! The list goes on and on, just ask yourself what is it that you truly need and demand from the venue.

9. What is the outdoor space like?

If you are an outdoor person and you want to throw an outdoor party, ask for different pictures from the venue. You should aim for something that is easily accessible, beautiful in pictures, as well as comfortable to lounge in.

10. How many hours are included in the rental?

How much time will take the entire crew to set up the venue? Usually, most venues will need 2 hours, at least. Ask what is charged extra since you don’t want to pay additionally for something absurd, such as keeping the lights on for 30 more minutes.

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11. Are there any restrictions?

Are there some alcohol restrictions? Some places allow only wine and beer, but if you are a fan of hard liquor, make your statement loud and clear! Ask if your venue is okay with playing loud music even after 10:00 p.m and if it is okay to dance until midnight. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

12. How many weddings are there in a day?

If you are sharing the venue with someone else, think about all the confusion that can happen at the end of the night, as some guests get tipsy. Not only that, but you can also have loads of issues with the rentals, valet, and similar duties.

13. What is your cancellation or refund policy like?

If you were having some doubts and you didn’t feel as optimistic about the venue, it is always better to ask and prepare an amazing refund policy. What is their deposit or cancellation like? It is better to know that you can recover any losses.

14. Is it okay to hire outside vendors?

This is a prime question since someone from the outside can help out a lot more, and they can have an amazing vision for your venue. Some may only allow lengthy contracts for outside vendors due to liability issues. Ask prior and do not make a slight mistake when booking.

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15. Is it okay to bring your own alcohol?

Most people love to bring their own alcohol since it is a lot more affordable. Loads of different venues, especially hotels, will not allow this, and some venues are against alcohol, to begin with. Make a mutual agreement with your future spouse before you book the venue.

16. Can our venue accommodate a live band?

If you prefer music and you have someone specific in mind, try to book them. However, ask if there are some limited space or noise restrictions since we all know how loud can the bands and DJ’s get.

17. Can you bring your own decorations?

Some venues may have their own personal interior or exterior designer, but they should still understand and should allow you to bring your own and preferred decor, or your designer.

18. Is it okay to rearrange?

Last, but not least, what if you end up disliking something? Ask the vendors if they have some strict rules since last-minute changes are a bit tricky to do, and they can be stressful. However, with proper organization, everything is possible!

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