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Chris Tucker Net Worth 2024

40 year old actor and Comedian Chris Tucker has cemented his legendary career in history with record breaking salaries in hit movies like Rush Hour 3, Chris Tucker is worth over $50 million. He has appeared in classic films such as the Friday franchise, a role he plans on reprising later this year with fellow co-stars Ice Cube and Nia Long. But who would have thought a comedian would make his comeback to the big screen in an Oscar Nominated film Silver Linings Playbook. The actor starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. His performance earned him high praise from critics and fans who remember him as the witty and quirky Smokey. BET recently signed him on to host the 2013 BET Awards paying him $1 million for his 3 hour hosting spot. A salary bigger than previous hosts Kevin Hart and Samuel L. Jackson!!

Chris Tucker Biography


Christopher Tucker was born August 31, 1972 in Atlanta Georgia. He grew up in Decatur Georgia where his Dad owned a janitorial business. Named class clown in his alma mater Columbia High School Tucker took the encouragement from friends and teachers to pursue a career in comedy. He moved to Los Angeles at 19 and became a regular performer on the BET series Def Comedy Jam. He was paid $2,000 for each appearance. While in LA he lived in a tiny apartment he shared with two other male roommates who were also pursuing entertainment careers.

After doing small extra walk on roles in films like the Meteor Man he came upon a casting call advertisement for House Party 3 he got the role. But West Coast rapper Ice Cube who was a fan of Def Comedy Jam had watched Chris Tucker on several episodes and suggested him to movie producer Patricia Charbonnet who gave him the role of Smokey. The movie began a huge hit and spawned into several sequels.

Chris Tucker went on to star in other films like Quentin Tarintino’s Jackie Brown and the box office smash the Fifth Element. But that same year he got the role that would change his life in the Brett Ratner directed movie Rush Hour. He starred alongside Jackie Chan. The movie won a series of accolades for the acting, writing and even the movie’s soundtrack. A Part 4 is in the works according to director Brett Ratner.

He has a son named Destin who currently lives with his mother in Los Angeles.

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