How To Care For Colored Hair in 2024

A new season, a new you. A makeover is pretty therapeutic after a hectic summer, and with that, dying your hair or giving it a little extra color is part of the process. Though color-treated hair is high maintenance, once you’ve perfected your routine, your color will be stronger, bolder and will last longer.

The last thing you want is to go to the trouble of changing your hair color for it to fade within the week – it’s a waste of time, energy and money. Save yourself trips to the salon by taking care of your color-treated hair. According to allthingshair, like any hair type, you need to adapt your hair care routine accordingly. If the bottle of dye is your closest ally, it’s extremely important you give your hair some TLC.

Prep Your Hair


The key to healthy colored hair is for it to be healthy before coloring it. If your hair is already dry and prone to breakage, unfortunately, no color treatment is going to improve that. Make sure your hair is nourished and hydrated with soothing hair masks and enhancing conditioners that make your hair look salon-fresh. You can also avoid breakage by going to get regular trims every month or two. Your hair will be in amazing condition with or without the color!

Follow The Instructions

If you are dying your hair at home, then please follow the instructions. Always do a skin test the day before and read through the instructions before applying to your hair. No one wants a bad hair day! Make sure you get all over coverage by getting an assistant to help you, and if that’s not possible, get out towels that you’re not worried about staining!

Slow Down On The Shampoo


We have all been guilty of over-washing our hair. Hair dyes have been created especially to maintain the hair’s condition over longer periods, and stop you from washing in the first 72 hours. When you color your hair, your cuticle layer is opened. If you wash your hair too soon, when the cuticle layer is still open, then your color could fade in a flash. Avoiding washing your hair within the first few days of coloring will allow you to keep it bolder for longer. If you have to wash your hair, use dry shampoo to avoid losing color and damaging your hair. Washing it too often also washes away all of its natural oils, which are vital when you have just color-treated your hair.

No Hot Showers

We love a soak in a hot bath or to jump into a hot shower, but it doesn’t do any good for your hair, and particularly not for color-treated hair. The hotter the water, the easier your color will disappear. Instead opt for warm water and then rinse with cold water to seal your freshly conditioned hair. Another advantage, you will feel energized for the day ahead!

Invest In Colored Hair-Specific Products


Like any hair type, you need to adapt your hair care routine accordingly. Once your hair is colored, you need to invest in colored hair-specific products. The products need to cater to your hair’s needs – they will enhance your hair color. Opt for chemical-free products to avoid further damage to your hair and for a more natural approach. The same goes for hair masks, treat your hair to some pampering with a nourishing hair mask twice a week. Your hair will have some oomph and a striking color!

Protect Your Hair From Heat

We love bold shades with poker straight hair or luscious curls, but you need to steer clear of heat styling tools as much as possible. These tools already damage your hair, but when your hair has been dyed, it is already fragile – the combination of the two can make your hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage. When you just have to use the curling wand, apply heat protectant spray as a barrier between your colored hair and your styling tool.

Stay Away From Chlorine


If there is one thing that can really give you a bad hair day, it’s chlorine. It can discolor your hair and also weaken it. If you have only just dyed it, stay well clear of the water – you can have some pretty chaotic hair colors if not! Wear a swim cap and prep your hair beforehand with natural oils such as coconut oil as a barrier.

Slow Down On Touch Ups

We want salon-fresh color all the time, and we know it’s tempting to get touch ups often, but is it really necessary? Take breaks and only get touch ups when your roots are really showing. Stop over-processing your hair and give it a much needed rest. Your hair will thank you for it later!

Keep Your Colors Vibrant At Home


If you want to keep your color vibrant, then we recommend mixing a touch of hair dye to white conditioner. This is a particularly good trick for vibrant rainbow shades which are very high maintenance. Instead of damaging your hair getting touch-ups, use this trick that will be softer on your hair and still help enhance your hair color.

Embrace A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet leads to a healthy body and healthy hair, it’s as simple as that! Top up on your Vitamin C, which can be found in carrots, eggs and salmon for glossy and envy-inducing locks. Keep an eye out for Vitamin B5, which can also be found in salmon, mushrooms and blue cheese, perfect for strengthening your hair and improving your skin and nails too!

Use Leave-In Treatments


As well as hair masks and specific colored hair products, you also need to get your hands on some leave-in treatments. This will help your strands be at their healthiest and strongest, and works its magic. Over time, these kinds of products will repair your hair. On damp hair, apply your leave-in conditioner to the lengths and the ends. Your hair will enjoy the extra love!

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