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Corey Harrison Net Worth In 2024

Real Name: Corey Harrison
Birthday: May 14, 1984
Weight: 250lbs
Position: Manager
Corey Harrison Net Worth: $5 million

Pawn Stars is History Channel’s highest rated reality series. Now in it’s 6th season with over 200 episodes under it’s belt the shows stars are earning top dollar. Corey Harrison works in the family business which has earned his father millions. Gold & Silver Pawn is located in Las Vegas and has expanded it’s inventory.

The shop has merchandise worth millions that Museums, historians, collectors and fans have paid top dollar for. The show’s subject centers around the shop’s customers who bring in rare and valuable items from around the world. Sometimes the customers are just as interesting as the antiques. Corey earns $300 thousand per season. His net worth is $5 million in 2013.

Rick’s son and Richard’s grandson, who started at the shop at age nine, polishing jewelry. He is now the manager of the shop’s day-to-day operations, and 30 of its employees, makes the most purchases of anyone in the shop, and is being groomed by Rick to be the boss one day. Corey often comes into conflict with his father and grandfather over his knowledge of the shop’s inventory, his responsibilities as a manager, and his overall judgment in sales, in particular his purchase of expensive items. Following gastric lap band surgery in 2010 and a change to his diet, Harrison’s weight went down from 365 lb (166 kg) to approximately 250 lb (113 kg) by July 2011.

In Season 6, he tells the elder Harrisons that he will take a job at another business if he is not given a 10% partnership in the shop. He remains with the shop after he is given a raise and a 5% partnership, with the possibility of a greater stake in the business in the future.

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