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Darren Young Net Worth 2024

Frederick Douglass Rosser known as Darren Young was born in Union New Jersey. The WWE wrestler recently came out of the closet and became the first wrestler to disclose his sexuality while still in the company. After the interview was released WWE posted a statement in support of the young wrestler. He made his wrestling debut in 2002 but didn’t officially enter the world of the WWE until 2010. For the past 3 years he’s earned a salary of $200,000 per year. His net worth in 2013 is $1 million from endorsements, merchandising, salary and bonuses for WWE Pay-Per-View events.

Young developed traits of an athlete at an early age. He was a star football player in high school but has always been a fan of wrestling. His idols Shawn Michaels and Ricky Steamboat were the driving force in motivating him to pursue becoming a wrestler. Darren made his way into the ring in 2002 wrestling in Chaotic Wrestling an independent circuit. He won several matches and grew attention from wrestling promoters and fans including Jim Kettner who invited him to compete for the East Coast Wrestling Association. After four years making appearances on the WWE’s Sunday Night Heat he signed a developmental deal in 2009.

While competing in the NXT series for a contract Darren Young formed a team with Titus O’Neil. The duo was signed to the WWE as the Prime Time Players. Although he came out as gay he has also admitted he is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend!

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