Design a Bedroom With Style

Your bedroom is often the coziest room in the home since it’s where you go to retreat from the outside world. No other room provides such a personal level of comfort. That’s because the bedroom is all yours and you only have to think of your needs when you put a design together.

But where should you start? That is usually where people begin to get lost, but don’t worry, we’ll share some thoughts that will help you make choices you’ll love for years to come.

The first step you should take is measuring the area. You want to select pieces that won’t be so big that they overwhelm the space or other pieces. Once you have your measurements down, it’s time to select a layout. You can sketch a floor plan on a piece of paper or get the masking tape out and section off portions of the floor where you will place the individual pieces.


The masking tape will give you a real sense of how the room will feel once you move the new bedroom into the space. You’ll know whether you are blocking walkways or areas that receive natural sunlight. Once you have the floor plan ready, it’s time to select a style that works for you.

The theme of your furniture should reflect your personality. If you want a more modern look, contemporary furniture’s sleek lines and detailing may appeal to you. Industrial furniture is also very trendy, so sets that mix metals and woods may be what you’re looking for.

If your style is a bit more casual, light colors and furniture without too many ornate details will work in the room. But if shiny rhinestones and mirrored furniture bring you joy, then you’ll want to glam up the bedroom. Whatever your style, choose a finish and color that is uniquely yours.


Don’t forget to keep an eye out for quality bedroom sets, as certain features will help your furniture last longer. Components like soft-closing drawers and the materials used to construct the bedroom set are vital to its longevity. We know that slamming drawers can throw them off track, and poor construction can lead to the furniture breaking down rather quickly. No one wants to replace their bedroom set every 2-3 years.

When you are shopping online, it’s difficult to tell which pieces are of high quality. You can only look at pictures and aren’t able to see how the joints hold the piece together. You cannot check if the corners are attached with dowels or screws. So how can you protect yourself and buy a bedroom set that you know is constructed well?

One way you can determine the quality of the set is to check the reviews left by customers. Customers are honest and will tell you what they loved and what they could’ve done without. This will help you find the right furniture sets for the bedroom. View more at 1StopBedrooms and use the site’s filter to narrow down the abundance of options.


This online store not only carries brand-name furniture but they offer it at discounts of up to 75% off. There are also design specialists available to contact with any questions regarding the sturdiness and durability of the bedroom sets. These non-commissioned professionals are there to ensure you find furniture that satisfies your functional needs and wants, and there is no fee for their assistance.

Keeping your bedroom organized can be a chore, so your storage needs should be just as important as your comfort. Bulky winter sweaters, belts, ties, shoes, and more all need a place where they can be put away neatly. A bed frame with built-in drawers will be the perfect solution to your storage needs if the space is limited.

Chests and dressers offer enough drawer space for extra accessories and jewelry to be safely tucked in place. Nightstands are another source of storage as they can add shelf or drawer space, as well as additional surface space to the area. You’ll have somewhere to place your readers, a glass of water, or any other item you keep close to you while in bed.

Find accent furniture that contributes to the room’s functionality. For instance, you can place a desk in the room and use it as your home office. Or find a vanity table you use as a primping station and as a workstation.


Place a bench at the foot of your bed for seating, or if there’s enough room, a loveseat can work also. A chaise lounge beside a window can serve as a relaxing spot to read or meditate when it’s time to wind down. Ottomans also provide seating, and many have storage options to help keep the space tidy.

You can really add a personal touch to the room through your accessory choices. Find accessories with themes that reflect your interests and hobbies. If you love sandy beaches, you can play with different shades of blue or find paintings of seashells and boats.

Do you love to travel? Then use some of the souvenirs you bought while on vacation to decorate the room. Or you can use travel-themed accessories, like traveling trunks, for storage.

Patterned area rugs are another way to bring depth to the space with color and texture. Hardwood floors can be cold to bare feet in the morning, but placing one beside or under the bed will take care of that issue. You can tie the look together with a matching comforter set whose throw pillows will also add character to the room.

You can really spice up your current décor or furnish a brand new space just as you want to without overspending. Just choose the plan that best fits your budget, and before you know it, you’ll be relaxing comfortably in your brand new bed surrounded by all new furniture.

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