What Nobody Ever Told You About Diffusing Essential Oils

When you think of essential oils, you naturally think that it makes the house smell good. This is just one part of essential oils because there are health benefits that are applied to breathing in oils.

When smelling essential oils through the nose it signals to the brain and goes to work on systems of our body and mind.

Why do we need to Purify Air with Essential Oils?


According to Anya V of living traditionally:

  • It helps destroy mold in the air.
  • It fills the air with a fresh scent.
  • It increases atmospheric oxygen.
  • It increases ozone and negative ions in area and it helps inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Essential oils are natural remedies and have many benefits. And it is good to take advantage of some of these. First you can do your own research and learn about it. And if you like a particular scent you can try it and see if you like it. If you don’t like it, then you can always try another one and experiment.

According to Anya V, “Essential oils such as Eucalyptus (Large 4 ounce) Best Essential Oil and Pure Cinnamon Oil 4 oz. will help boost immunity.” Immunity is good for health and vitality.

Also, it goes to the hypothalamus which helps with “energy, mood, or state of stress!” If you want to feel better, some of these blends might be good for you. Some anti-stress blends are Lavender, NOW Foods Ylang Ylang Oil, and NOW Foods Bergamot Oil, 1 ounce .

Woolzies Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil – 1 fl Oz also helps making it easier for people to “fall and stay asleep” It helps produce cortisol, which helps with stress. This is good if you want to relax and take it easy. May be you are under lots of stress at home and at work and you just need to take it easy. It’s good to know what is out there.


And if you have congestion and you feel your nasal cavities are clogged; try recommended oils such as Pure Body Naturals Undiluted Essential Peppermint Oil, 4 fl. oz. , NOW Foods Rosemary Oil, 4 ounce , NOW Foods Lemon Essential Oil 1 oz or eucalyptus. May be you have allergies and the season is kicking your butt. These might help you with that problem that you are facing with your stuffed nose.

All you have to do is take a few drops and rub them on your hand and then breathe in through your nose and inhale. This is a way to breathe in the Prana of good air as Infinite Waters might say.

Essential Oils are a way to alleviate stress, help congestion, a natural sleeping aid. These are natural remedies for problem that plague us and it would be wise to take advantage of some of these oils that are available.

Plus if you had a bad day at work and the boss really got on your nerves, that’s presuming that you have a boss that gets on your nerves and the significant other is complaining about her bad day, then essential oils might be good for you.

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