5 Ways People Discover New Books And Authors – 2024 Guide

Times we live in today have imposed a very fast life tempo, leaving people with very little time for doing things they enjoy, such as reading. There are many recommendations about how often one should read. It would be ideal for reading at least two books a month, or when this is not possible, read a bit more during holidays, to catch up on the books and authors missed.

How often one reads also depends on the books, they’re interested in because professional literature is much heavier than fiction. The reader often makes notes while placing himself in a peaceful and quiet environment.
Fiction is much lighter for daily reading and can be a great companion between work obligations while traveling or waiting in line. For passionate readers with not enough time, it’s advisable to read at least half an hour before bedtime. This is very beneficial for overall health and is an excellent introduction to sleep.

After a couple of years of frequent reading comes the challenge of finding a book or an author that suits all your criteria. You feel the urge to read but are completely out of ideas on what to buy and read next. If you’re in this situation now, this article will present you with five ways people discover new books and authors.

1. Bookselling websites


The Internet is always the first choice of a modern man,tn answer almost anything he needs. The same goes for books. Especially in the lockdown times were very grateful that they have been in a position to order online. Bookselling websites are a great way to quickly go through the offer, searching according to the author or the type of book you enjoy reading. The overview is also available, making it easy to get an idea of what you can expect from the book. Bestsellers are always located in the special section and can be a safe purchase when you don’t feel inspired by anything else.

Some websites offer more than just books. They’re kind of a combination of books, videos, announcements, or even articles dealing with serious subjects like financial investments, such as this website. There is no need to mention how easy it is to navigate them since they work on the same principle as any website – create an account, sign in, and click for purchase. Books don’t necessarily have to be delivered to your address, you can also buy them in pdf format, and they’ll be available for reading on your device.

2. Good old Library


Internet and all the reading gadgets are great, but some people simply like the old fashion, public library way. The smell of books, the way paper feels under the fingers. It’s an entirely different feeling, reading an e-book and reading a real book. We were way past overtime when books were affordable only to some people. Now everyone is in a position to buy a book, at least from time to time. But still, a library is a place that simply inspires you to read. Many people choose to be members just because of the feeling, and the fact that there are like-minded people, you can discuss a book or two when visiting. When taking readers from the public library, you sometimes feel that whoever touched it and read it has left some part of himself in the book.

Public libraries have books sorted according to the style, period, genre, author, plus you can always discuss new authors and books with the people working there. They offer a suggestion, and it’s how you find your new reading material.

3. Book fairs


Passionate readers follow these kinds of events, where they go prepared to buy a yearly supply of books. These events are usually inspiring because all the publishers gather in one venue to present what they offer. The discounts are very tempting, and the fact that many authors are there allows readers to get their favorite book signed. Also, to hear interesting lectures from the authors. There’s no better way to find new books and authors. Fairs are usually crowded, allowing readers to meet others and exchange experiences about different books (get recommendations, and so on). It’s the meeting point of all the authors, publishers, libraries, distributors, readers, and other like-minded people.

4. Book clubs


Most of the points we’ve been writing about in this article are quite old fashioned but still very relevant. It’s the same with this one. If you thought a book club sounds boring and outdated, well, you’re very wrong. Not all people have the same possibility of artistic expression. Not only those with writing skills are called artists. Some people have exceptional oral skills, that when you hear them read out loud, you fall in love with poetry or whatever it is they’re reading. They help you recognize the beauty behind it. Books clubs are a great way to fall in love with reading again, to motivate you to come back to this precious habit. Besides reading, there’s a lot of discussions, and you can get an update on your favorite genre. Find some good reads.

5. Social media


The modern version of a book club is all groups available on social media, where literature is being discussed. And it’s probably the most common way people learn about new authors and material. Just as is the case with a regular book club, readers join the group only to network and discuss the reading material. The good thing about social media is that there is no limit to how many people can participate, and there’s no geographical limit either. You can get recommendations from people all around the world. Exchange of books is also possible, as well as discount announcements. So, if you want to be updated, social media groups will be more than helpful.

What can be concluded from this article is that the ways are many. One just needs time and motivation to read.

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