5 Dos and Don’ts of Wig Maintenance

For many years people avoided wearing wigs because of many reasons, and being ashamed was undoubtedly one of the main ones, but luckily, all that changed, and today, wearing one is more than a common thing. Since we all want to look gorgeous, what still troubles many people who wear it is how to maintain it, what to do and what to avoid when doing so, and how to get the most out of it. That is why we will further discuss this topic and present you with the five dos and don’ts of wig maintenance, and for more info on that, along with some high-quality wigs for every occasion, find more on this site.


Comb it and store it properly


Like real hair, they are also easy to tangle and split, so it is essential to comb and store them adequately to extend their lifespan. The first step that is necessary to do is regular combing with a wide-tooth comb that prevents damage. Combing should always be done with this special comb, and if it is done regularly, it will make the wig much softer and without knots. The proper way of combing is from the bottom parts to the upper ones, and it needs to be gentle to avoid breaking the hair. The next step is the proper storage during the night or any other period when we don’t wear our wig, which is crucial, and it should be stored on the mannequin head because it is the only way that can prevent tangling and splitting. Many new users think that braids can be the perfect way to save them, but the truth is that it is possible only by proper storage during the night because braids can cause knots and tangle, and it will be much harder in the morning to brush it.

Learn the best way to clean it and wash it adequately

The first step before washing the wig is to clear it properly and remove all the glue marks because they can cause damages, and the pieces of glue can be tangled into the hair, which can make removing them much harder. Because of that, it is required to brush the hair properly before washing and to be sure that each piece of the glue is removed, and it is the only way to be assured that it will be clean and prepared for the next use. Once you are positive that it is clean, it is important to wash it, and it should be done in a bowl full of cold water. Soak it into the water, and when it is wet enough, it is necessary to take it out and put the shampoo by using the wide-tooth comb because it is the best way to put the shampoo all over it. After that, hold it by the center and put it in water several times, but be sure that all the hair is going, in the same way, to avoid knotting. Be careful while washing the inside of the wig because it can easily be torn, and once you wash it completely, leave it immersed for a while, and rinse it in cold water.

Use the right hair care products


Choosing the right hair care product is a crucial part of taking care of the wig care if you want to make it look like real hair. Moisturizing is necessary because the hair on the wig does not have a regular source of moisture as the real one, and choosing the right products can make it look more vivid. Shampoos and conditioners should be without sulfates, and picking the one with many oils can actually have the opposite effect. The ones without sulfates may clean the wig properly without any damage and keep it look fresh and shiny, and what people often forget about, soft on the touch. The proper care implies applying the conditioner after washing, combing it once more with the conditioner on, rinsing after a few minutes, and drying naturally. It may look like a simple thing to do, but in reality, many make this mistake and go with the hair care product that, in the end, do more harm than good.


Don’t wash it every day


When it comes to washing the wig, we already mentioned what type of hair care products you should use, and although we all want to look pretty and stylish, there is no need to wash it every day to achieve that effect. Namely, a couple of times per month is more than enough, and that’s for those who wear them all the time, and for those who wear them from time to time, once a month will do the job, and following this advice will help you maintain the wig and avoid causing damage to it. Now, when we know how to shampoo our wig and how often, a question arises about whether one should wear it while going for a swim in the pool. Well, the short answer is no, since the chlorine in the water is damaging for both our natural hair and the wig. All that and not using hot water are some of the most important things not to forget about, as the hot water can permanently damage the wig.

Don’t do aggressive treatments


Keep in mind that the wig hair cannot recover as our own, and aggressive treatments can cause damages that are impossible to fix with any conditioner, so the best idea is to avoid them. One of these treatments is dying, and hair colors contain many ingredients that can cause irreparable damage to the wig, so the best solution is to avoid it. A much better idea is to buy a few of them in different colors and shades and use them for different occasions because no matter if the wig is made of natural hair, the damages that chemicals can cause cannot be fixed. Another treatment that may not look that aggressive, but it definitely can cause a lot of damage, is styling the wig by using the heat. The consequences are the same, no matter if it is the hairdryer or hair straightener, and the heat is something that should be avoided. The better option is to let it dry naturally and style it without heat because it is the only way to make it last longer and look more natural.

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