Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Can Food and Diet Help?

Erectile dysfunction is a severe and very debilitating condition. Historically it was also known as impotence, but now it is more commonly known as erectile dysfunction. Those unfortunate men who suffer from this disease have a problem having an erection or maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction can turn out to be a serious problem, especially for younger men, putting them under unwanted pressure and embarrassment and causing them to go into stress and mental pressure. If you think you are possibly struggling with this unfortunate disease, we recommend that you visit a physician or click here for enlargement pills that also aid in treating ED.

Possible causes:


There may be many possible causes of erectile dysfunction, ranging from physical to mental or maybe a combination of both.

It may just be more of a consequence of lower testosterone levels, a natural consequence of advancing age, smoking, increased alcohol uptake, or even stress.

The leading cause of erectile dysfunction has been related to lower vascular function. So, cardiovascular disease may also have a significant connection with the development of erectile dysfunction as the risk factors for both diseases are more or less the same.

Taking certain medications has also been shown to cause an increase in the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.
A sedentary lifestyle may also contribute to this disorder. Lower physical activity and increased fat percentage, and obesity have all been related to poor vascular function, contributing to erectile dysfunction.

Whatever the cause may be, eliminating the root cause should be the priority. None of the treatments might be as effective, and the problem will recur even after completely resolving.

Natural remedies:

If you are, however, unfortunate enough to have been experiencing erectile dysfunction, then there may be some ways by which you can maybe reduce or even eliminate the disease. But we still encourage you to consult a physician first before trying anything on your own. That being said, there are some natural ways to try out yourself before giving into medications.

Role of diet:


As already mentioned, erectile dysfunction can be related to many other underlying disorders, like poor cardiovascular function. So, improving upon them will result in an improvement in erection, in the end, getting rid of the disease.

Consuming healthy foods should be the key to your diet. Foods like vegetables, whole fruits, legumes, whole grains, and proteins should form your diet’s mainstay. These foods are rich in fiber and other healthy nutrients and have been shown to decrease cardiovascular diseases.



Flavonoids are found in certain plant-based compounds that are found in certain fruits and vegetables. Their benefit lies in the fact that they may be able to improve blood pressure by improving the blood vessels’ functions, improving the cardiovascular system of the individual.

Fruits that are rich in flavonoids are generally citrus products, like orange, lemons. Other flavonoid-rich products are berry fruits, like strawberries, blueberries, etc.

Apples and pears also are a rich source of flavonoids. And if you are fond of drinking wine, it would be better if you choose red wine because they are also rich in the compound being derived from berries.

A study that followed 25,096 middle-aged men over ten years in a prospective study found out that consuming flavonoids reduced the incidence of erectile dysfunction by as much as 11%. Also, any additional fruit intake was associated with a reduced risk of up to 14%.

In conclusion, all fruits and vegetables, mostly the fruits mentioned above and products, must be consumed and should form a significant portion of one’s diet.

Natural nitrates:


As we know, nitric oxide is primarily responsible for dilating blood vessels, hence initiating the erection. Although increasing natural nitrates will not directly or immediately cause an erection, certain studies have suggested a possible improvement in erection if substances rich in nitrates are consumed.

Foods rich in nitrates include the vegetables from the leaf family, like lettuce, spinach, etc. Also, cabbages, beetroot, radish are found to be rich in nitrate compounds.

These foods should be consumed regularly in one’s diet, owing to the high percentage of nitrate compounds in them and the fact they are rich in fiber and generally better for one’s health.



Many different amino acids combine to form a protein molecule, and that protein molecule, in turn, makes possible various other functions of the human body. Many amino acids occur in nature. Of them is a particular amino acid of interest, which is the l-arginine.

As already stated, nitric oxide is a vasodilator that causes widening of the blood vessels, which causes increased blood flow to the penis resulting in the erection of the penis. The body uses l-arginine to make this nitric oxide. A few research pieces have also indicated a decrease in l-arginine in people who have erectile dysfunction.

Foods rich in l-arginine amino acids are protein-rich foods, like meat products, including chicken, red meat, and fish. Nuts are also a rich source of l-arginine, along with dairy products, like milk, eggs, cheese, etc.

So, foods rich in protein should always be included in one’s diet, in each meal if possible. They have countless benefits to the human body, without which the human body cannot function properly.

In Conclusion:

Suppose you are continually having difficulty developing or maintaining an erection and suspect that you may have erectile dysfunction. In that case, it is better to give the doctor a visit. The doctor will guide you appropriately and tell you whether you have erectile dysfunction, or are you just overthinking a one-time incident.

Consuming certain foods rich in flavonoids, nitrates, and l-arginine has been shown to reduce the risk of developing or even improving the already developed erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, precaution is always better than cure. Even if you are young, healthy, and have no signs of erectile dysfunction, you should still consume high portions of healthy fruits and vegetables and protein in your daily diet. Incorporating everyday exercise can do wonders for your health and improve your cardiovascular system, hormonal flow, and natural physiological pathways.

A healthy lifestyle formed by a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress-free life should be the backbone of treating or avoiding developing any type of sexual disorder.

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