Are Expensive Sex Toys Really Worth All the Money

Did you know that sex toys are as old as a civilization? They’ve been used for 30.000 years now, at least that is what the scriptures and many authors who wrote about it say. Lucky for many, since then they’ve evolved in many, many ways and are less of a taboo (especially in the last couple of decades).

Society generally has a more open approach and view of the whole sex thing, including the toys used for pleasure and the sexuality of humans. As the awareness increased people have formed a more open attitude towards once very secretive limits of sexuality. Besides, the availability of sex toys and the variety is huge. Before the internet, you had to walk down to the nearest sex shop in order to be updated on the newest toys and maybe purchase a few. For many, this was not a pleasant thing to do, since the feeling of being judged by a person behind a counter was haunting. Today, no need to get out of the house at all. We have the internet. Even groceries are ordered online. Websites like Pabo offer so many different toys, that you don’t even have to google much about them. However, not all have the same price and quality.

Some people like to spend more on these gadgets, some don’t. It also depends on the level of creativity one likes to practice in sex. But before we continue debating about whether investing in expensive sex toys really pays off, let’s take a look at some fun historical facts about them. Just to loosen up and accept the fact that they are a completely normal and natural thing.

A short lesson in history.

  • The first dildo ever known to the world was found by paleontologists and dates from the Paleolithic era (Early Stone Age, the first period in human development). It was made of siltstone (powder) and polished to maximum smoothness and shine. However, there is a scientific controversy about whether it was made for religious purposes or the purpose of a sex toy. But either way, various phallic shapes made of stone or bone were found alongside everyday personal accessories, such as dishes, combs, sewing needles…
  • The Greeks and the Romans were quite ok with toys. Both were polytheists who, among others, worshiped variations of the god Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility. Accordingly, phallic objects were used for many ceremonial and religious purposes. Also, before going to war, Greeks gave their wives some sorts of dildos as sex toys, to prevent hysteria that was thought to occur due to lack of semen. Of course, women were the only ones to suffer from the condition.
  • The Romans invented the double dildo, for use in ceremonies or for partying with friends. The Greeks, on the other hand, were responsible for the invention of the first penis sheaths, which were made of animal skin and added volume and texture to the penis during sexual intercourse.
  • The first vibrator, on the other hand, was allegedly invented by Cleopatra with a very brave move. She used to put a handful of angry bees in a hollow piece of wood and, of course, sealed it well. What a brave woman she was.
  • The first penis rings were invented in ancient China. They were made of goat eyelids with lashes (creepy!). They would be tied around the penis to preserve and prolong the erection, while the lashes further stimulated the woman.

So, are they really worth all the money and how to choose the right one…?


For humans, as beings of nature, it is of great importance to fulfilling all their basic instincts, which also include sex. To be able to completely enjoy the act, one has to let go of all the prejudice and learn about oneself, to see what triggers the most pleasure. Sex toys come in very handy, in this case. The variety of prices may confuse, though.

Therefore, a bit of good advice to follow is to start with the cheaper ones, just for exploration. The simplest model should be picked, according to the zone and the type of stimulation. And it’s important to take time, rushing can only lead to a waste of money since high-quality stuff isn’t so cheap. Once picked, test the toys and see if they suit you or not, and what should they contain to give more pleasure. Don’t be shy to exchange experiences with different toys. After this, when you’ve found your pleasure builder, don’t hesitate to invest more money in it. The pleasure is always worth it.

Price equals quality


The more money you invest, the more possible complications you will avoid. Since you’re playing with your private parts, you want to invest in quality. The materials used for the toys will determine how safe from infections you’ll be.

It is recommendable to choose those made of non-porous materials, such as silicon, glass, and others. The structure of such materials does not allow bacteria to breed, therefore you’ll be protected from catching an infection. And, keeping them clean will be an easy task.

Materials such as plastic, thermoplastic rubber are generally safe and hypoallergenic but are connected to porous materials, therefore require careful maintenance and caution when using.

You’ve probably heard of latex, however, it’s also not the safest kind of material, since it can cause allergic reactions and unpleasant smell.

PVC toys are the biggest danger, and most probably the cheapest ones, so try to avoid those.

The market is full of interesting things for exploration, and your sexuality deserves to be taken care of. It greatly reflects on your overall health. So, on the question of whether expensive sex toys are worth the money – the answer is yes if the materials are of high quality so they won’t compromise your health. Sex toys make a big difference in a person’s life, especially for singles. Although they can never be a substitute for a real person, they can offer the satisfaction of one’s very basic instinct.

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