Eye Catching Indoor Pool Design Ideas For Your Home

The best part of getting an indoor swimming pool is that you can use it at any time of year: if you want to swim at 2 a.m., you can turn on the lights and get a good workout in. No wind, rain, hail, snow, or harsh weather conditions can deter you from getting in the pool. These swimming pools also allow you to control the temperature of the room, hence the flexibility of usage.

Many indoor residential pools, not surprisingly, are located in colder climates. That doesn’t mean they’re locked away in a dark den, cut off from the rest of the world. For an indoor pool, some creative designers build an open, conservatory-like layout with plenty of overhead and side windows, enabling natural light and views to be a part of the experience.

Here are a few indoor pool design ideas to consider for your home:

A View Of The Woods

If your home is surrounded by a breathtaking view of the woods, why not enjoy the view more by designing the pool to show it. One such design is the one done by Rill Architects in Bethesda, Maryland. The pool was created to make the owners feel as if they were exercising in the woods. And as expected with indoor pools, The homeowners enjoy swimming and working out in all four seasons, and in the summer, they will open the sliding doors for fresh air.

The Middle Point: An Indoor/Outdoor Design


Borrowing from architect Albert Frey’s mid-century design of the indoor/outdoor pool, a pool design idea is born. Picture this, having a pool that allows you to swim into the living room to join a lively conversation, and swim outside when the room gets too hot.

Through this masterpiece you can find a way of including transparent roofing and walls so that even if you do decide to swim outside in the rain, you will not be denied the chance.

An Indoor Pool At The Lakehouse


A new knife-edge pool with an integrated spa sits conveniently within the pool at Pine Lake, near Detroit. DesRosiers Architects created a frameless glass wall, Fond-du-Lac stone walls, a granite waterfall background, aluminum sliding panel walls with hidden panel storage, and a travertine floor for the indoor pool area.

It also includes a nearby laundry room for towels, a see-through fireplace, an activity room, and a dressing room are among the other facilities. If your lakehouse does have the space to reconstruct, consider allowing the scenic lake view in through large french windows.

The Transition: An “Openable Pool”

More often than not we do find house designs where the large back doors lead to the pool outside. Now let’s create a twist for this one: imagine these very same doors leading to the pool inside the house.

Several modernist homes built by Nathaniel Saltonstall, an architect and one of the founders of Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art, have been redesigned by Hammer Architects. The homes were built in the late 1940s and early 1950s on Griffin Island in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. An indoor lap pool built into the hillside on the lower floor, accessible from a wide deck and the master suite, was added by Hammer. The pool and an adjacent shower are heated by a solar array on the roof.

A Pool and Patio Indoors


An indoor pool and patio have the appearance and feel of being outside, with landscaping, deck chairs, an umbrella, and a beautiful garden to enjoy. The owners of this home in Tampa, Florida, don’t have to deal with humidity, mosquitoes, or other summertime pleasures thanks to Holloway Pools’ architecture. Trends USA provided the mosaic tile for the pool and custom spa, while Holloway provided the precast coping and decking.

Here’s what you can add; if your pool is large enough, create a floating bridge that leads to the otherside of the pool, for days when you feel like accessing the pool without getting soaked.

Customizable floating jetty systems will go a long way in satisfying your pool-bridge needs, click here for more info.

A Pool That Lets The Garden Shine

The rectangular pool has a front-row view of the garden but is protected and enclosed if rain is expected, which is most likely considering that it is in Oxfordshire, England. The house, which was once a rectory, has been renovated to suit 21st-century lifestyles while still preserving its rich architectural past.

The pool structure is modern and distinct from the rest of the house. The pool area is linked to a media room and other leisure areas, all with views of the walled garden, and was planned by Yiangou Architects. The design allows you to host both garden and pool parties, and maybe even blend them into one.

An Indoor Garden Pool


Everything about this indoor pool in Jacksonville, Florida stands out. It features landscaping with real plants and soil, designed by Paul Davison of Amelia Outdoors. Davison says he enjoys incorporating elements of nature into the interiors of his homes. “When you place landscaping inside a computer, it makes it look as though the screen isn’t there at all. It creates a new room.”

Davison went for a beach vibe with this project by adding a sun shelf in the pool, which has a six-inch depth and can hold a lounge chair. He also included an umbrella hole, an electronically controlled pergola, and a flagstone patio.


With all these indoor swimming pool ideas, one thing stands out, consulting with the experts After reading carefully through the ideas stated above, carefully find a design consult or company to yield the best results. Swimming pools need proper consultation for safety purposes. Be smart, and have your place look even smarter. Cheers.

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