6 Gift Ideas That Will Motivate Your Loved Ones in 2024

If someone in your family, a friend, or a partner experiences a lack of motivation from time to time, you might see them binge-watching a TV drama instead of focusing on their work or school. But, purchasing some motivation gifts for them can help them overcome their problems by reminding them that they can achieve whatever they want.

However, if you did some research online, you might be completely overwhelmed by the number of gifts you can choose from, which is why you are probably wondering – what are some of the best ideas that can motivate my loved one? Luckily, you’ll be able to find the answer in the article below. Let’s take a closer look:

1. A Customized Key Chain


We use our keys every day, which is why you can choose to customize one for the person who lacks motivation. There are various mantras that you could choose to engrave, including ones such as ‘Don’t look back, you are doing well’ or ‘Aspire to inspire’. Additionally, you can always choose to engrave something that is personal to your both such as an inside joke, which will then help them every time they see it.

2. A Planner


A planner can easily spark motivation, especially since the recipient of the gift will be able to write down all of the things that he or she needs to do. This means that they’ll be able to keep track of the tasks that they need to complete. Of course, there is a wide range of planners out there, but, you’ll want to ensure that the cover has a motivation expression on it. Additionally, getting them a ‘When you feel like quitting, remember why you started planner bookmark is a good idea as well.

3. Create an Encouragement Package


If you truly want to do your best to help someone feel inspired again, you can create an encouragement package for them! What is that? Well, basically, it is a box where you’ll place a wide range of motivation items such as a journal, a mug with an encouragement message on it, different types of tea, bath bombs, as well as some stickers that they can use. By choosing this option, you can always choose what you know the person like, which will make the entire gift box more personal.

4. An Inspirational Mug


One of the advantages of buying them a mug is that they can take it anywhere, including their work. This means that they can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while stimulating your loved one to push forward. Now, it would be quite easy to purchase any mug out there, but instead, look for something that has the right message on it. Buying them a mug will allow them to start their day with some positivity – which all of us need from time to time.

5. A Plaque


You might want to purchase something that they can place in their home or office, and if so, getting them a plaque with a motivational message such as “Always Remember You Are Braver” might work for them. Whenever they feel down at work, looking at such a message can help them feel better, hence, you should seriously think about purchasing one for them. It is also quite diverse, meaning that it can suit any office space or living room. KauzaDecor is one of the places that have such motivational plaques so make sure you check it out.

6. Jewelry


Jewelry is also one of the motivational presents you can get and it is a good option if you want a customized present for someone. So, when looking at your options, firstly consider what type of jewelry the person likes. Once you determine what you should get, think about what you’ll engrave. Motivational things such as ‘You’ve got this’ or ‘I can and I will’ are all great choices and wearing the jewelry piece will always encourage them to be better and try harder.

What to Consider When Buying Someone a Motivational Gift

It is easy to opt for some of the options mentioned above, however, before doing so, there are a few things that you should consider, especially since you’ll want them to use the gift often in order to motivate them. Hence, when looking at your options, consider the following:


When Will They Use it? – One of the first things that you need to determine is whether or not they’ll use your gift. For instance, if you get them a planner, will they use it for their work or will they simply leave it sitting on their desk? If they do not use it, they likely won’t feel encouraged, hence, choose something that they’ll use.

Will They Like it? – If you, for example, choose to get your loved one a motivational jewelry piece, you’ll want to choose something that they’ll actually like. So, think about the metal they often opt for their jewelry, whether or not it should have precious stones, as well as the type of jewelry they prefer. Thinking about these things can ensure that they wear the jewelry you choose.

Do They Need it? – Last, but not least important is to think about whether or not they actually need it. For example, someone might already have a planner that they have been filling out, which means that they might not use the one you buy until they complete the one they started – which you’ll want to avoid since you want them to be encouraged as soon as possible.


As you can see, there is a wide range of gifts that you can purchase or create for a loved one that is lacking motivation. Of course, the gift you choose will depend on the person you are buying it for, which is why you must think about their preferences, style, as well as what can push them forwards.

So, now that you are aware of all the wonderful things you can get for someone that needs to be inspired every day, you might not want to lose any more time. Instead, return to the beginning of this article, go through it once more, and then determine which gift idea suits your needs best.

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