5 Accessories Every Golfer Should Carry In Their Bag – 2024 Guide

Of all the things we use in sports – the ball is the one that still remains to be No.1. With the appearance of various types of balls – so many different sports have also appeared. One of them is golf –  a sport that many people also connect with being rich. The fact is that for most of us – golf seems like a sport for wealthy people. Yet, many others play it out of the pure hobby – with no tendency to become the professional. If you want to start playing golf yourself, you should know the rules – but you must also have adequate equipment. So here are 5 accessories every golfer should carry in their bag.

The Origin And Popularity Of Golf


The origin of golf has never been fully established. Some data say that the ancient Romans played a golf-like game, called Paganica. This game was popular during Caesar’s reign. Romans were using a bent stick – to hit a soft, feather-filled ball. Some data also reveal that various European countries had similar games. However, regardless of where this sport has its roots, the Scots were the ones that popularized it – and spread it around the world during the 15th century. In the 15th Century, this sport was even banned due to its large popularity. Namely, in 1457, during the reign of James II, golf threatened to completely suppress archery – which was vital for the defense of the country at that time. Therefore, it was banned for quite some time. This fact also testifies to how popular golf was in Scotland.

What Is The Appeal?

Today, for many people, golf is one of the most exciting – but also the most prestigious games in the world. It is estimated that approximately sixty-seven million people worldwide play golf regularly. So, what is the secret of such an appeal of golf? One of the answers to this question – is that it is a game for everyone. It can be played by men, women, and children – people of all ages. Playing it is a kind of physical and mental exercise. Therefore, it is healthy and safe – and since it is played in nature, it also seems very invigorating. The social aspect of this game is sometimes just as important. Joining a club or society is a very good way to socialize, make new friends – and even great business contacts. Therefore, it’s no wonder that we associate this sport with rich people and businessmen.

What Do We Need To Play Golf?


Golf is considered to be quite an expensive sport. However, it is not reserved only for rich people, because today, we can find a large selection of equipment at different prices. According to, the price usually depends on the quality and the brand of the accessories you use. The equipment consists of clothing, golf balls, and clubs. If you’re playing golf for the first time, then you probably don’t have a good idea of what equipment would be best for you. In that case, it’s best to rent balls, clubs, and other equipment – so you can see which equipment you need and which you don’t before buying. However, those who play golf regularly need some more things – without which they would be inappropriately dressed and equipped on the course.

Accessories Every Golfer Should Carry In Their Bag

Golf bags are essential – because that’s where you keep all your gear. There are two types of bags: In the first, you carry the basic things you need for the game. In the second bag, you carry the accessories and other items – that you will need in the locker room, before and after the game. These bags vary in style, design, features, and prices. You can purchase them at all stores or on websites. And what are the 5 accessories that every golfer simply must have in their bag?

1. Balls


There are several brands of balls. While it is true that most balls are similar in terms of basic design – each ball is actually different. They differ in the number of holes on the face, different cores, and all the other changes – that make each ball unique to each player. Players tend to use only one type of ball – which suits the most to their style of play. Therefore, the player should take a certain number of training sessions, with several models of golf balls – to find the type that suits him best.

2. Gloves

Wearing golf gloves is not necessary to practice this sport. However, if you want to take golf to a more serious level – you will need gloves. What are gloves used for? It’s simple. Golf gloves will help you keep the club well-balanced in your hands. That is very important, especially when you’re planning to make a serious point. Sweaty hands or a slipping club can distract you from making a good shot –  so the purpose of gloves is completely in the function of the game. This way you will better maintain balance – and have more precise strikes.

3. “Tee”


“Tee” is a small “T” shaped nail – from which a ball is fired. You use it by sticking the “tee” into the ground up to half its length – and place the ball on it so you can shoot the ball. The ball must stand a few inches above the ground – so you can achieve the best possible shot. “Tee” is usually made of plastic or wood.

4. Shoes

You may think it’s nonsense, but shoes are very important to a player – because you can’t get on the field in sneakers or some less comfortable footwear. The shoes come in a wide range of styles and designs that allow golfers to find those that suit them best. Golf shoes may be a little more expensive – but they are designed to last for many years. The most important aspect of shoes is that they are comfortable to wear for several hours – whether you are walking or playing.

5. Clothes


Clothing never creates a big problem when it comes to golf. Although there are some common conventions related to the game – a player can indeed wear whatever he wants and in what he is most comfortable. It is important that the player can play freely in his clothes. The most common type of clothing associated with golf is what is called golf-style – and this includes polo shirts, cabana shirts, twill pants, caps, or French hats. Also, sunglasses are considered necessary in the game.

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