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Henry Cavill Net Worth 2024

30 year old British Actor Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill is the new Man of Steel playing Superman in the 2013 Blockbuster. He is currently the 7th actor to play the iconic superhero. He was born and raised on a small island the Jersey Channel which is between France and England. He is the fourth youngest of five boys. Growing up acting was something he has always wanted to do. Growing up he was bullied for his weight as an overweight child. In retrospect he doesn’t look at it as malicious and if he bumps into them now he hopes their lives are as happy as his. But I’m pretty sure it’s not quite as amazing. He received a salary of $5 million for the part. With his new found success and leading breakout role in 2011’s Immortals there has been a series of unlucky misses in the earlier part of his career.

In 2004 he was originally set to play Clark Kent in Superman Returns but the original director was replaced and so was his role. Actor Brandon South was given the opportunity as the leading man. Cavill was also close to getting roles in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, the lead role in Twilight Saga but both parts went to another British actor Robert Pattinson. Another movie franchise turned him down. Cavill was a close second to be the new James Bond in Casino Royale but Daniel Craig was given the part.

He is currently celebrating the success of his current role which has garnered him a mass of international attention.

Man of Steel set a new June best-ever opening weekend record. It was the 2nd best debut of 2013 behind only Disney/Marvel’s Iron Man 3 (which is on the verge of crossing $400M domestic). Internationally, Warner Bros says Man Of Steel ranked #1 everywhere with a gross of $71.6M from 9,710 screens in the 24 overseas markets in release. That made for a speeding worldwide cume of $196.7M in its first 4 days.

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