How to Make A Military Haircut at Home in 2024

The high and tight military haircut is getting popular among men. This is because it makes them appear bolder and more masculine. There are different high and tight haircut styles, but they all follow a similar cutting pattern. Since the choice of getting the military haircut is getting more widely accepted, it is best you learn how to make this haircut from the comfort of your home.

Still in doubt that this haircut is for you ?! Read on Livetray for 10 benefits and your doubts will disappear, and the following steps will guide you on cutting the high and tight military haircut without having to visit your barber.

6 Steps to Make the perfect Military Hairstyle

Wash your hair

To get the best high and tight haircut, you should begin by washing the hair with a shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. This will help to make the clipper move easily within the hair, hence ensuring a clean cut. Once you are done washing, you can spray your hair with water to further dampen it before you start cutting the hair.

Decide the width of the topside

Since the high and tight haircut is designed to have a relatively high up-top hair compared with the sides and back, it is best to decide how narrow or wide you want this topside to be. The best high and tight design stops the short cut right before the clipper slides over to the sides of the head. However, this is not absolute, as you can choose to make the top narrower, giving you a more radical look. The slim top hairstyle is fondly called the High and Tight Recon.

Decide the guard number

Once you have been able to decide the top’s width, it is time to pick your clipper and start buzzing your head. However, before you take that step, you need to decide the number of guards you will be using for the cutting. A lower-numbered guard will make the hair shorter and vice versa. The guard number you will select is generally dependent on your level of expertise.

If you are trying out the style at home for the first time, then it is advisable to work from a guard with a higher number and move down till you perfect the cutting. This will keep more hair on your head and help cover-up for whatever mistake you make while cutting.

Buzz the top of your head

Put the selected guard on the clipper and begin the cutting from the top of your head. A neater and smoother cut should use longer guards on the front part of the head. You can then smoothen it down towards the crown of the head. You can also shave down to the sides and back of your head.

However, bear in mind that the shaving of sides and back will not be as clean as you want it to be since you use guards with higher numbers.

However, as stated earlier, the high and tight haircut comes in various styles, and most of these styles are associated with the top hair. For instance, some people prefer to keep the hair around the forehead higher than the other parts. If this is the case with you, then ensure you incorporate this into the cutting process right from the start of the haircut.

Cut the sides and back

When cutting the sides and back hair, the first thing you need to do is change the guards’ size and the blades. A smaller size will do a perfect job as the goal is to keep the hair much lower than the top hair. Some individuals even prefer to share or whitewall the hair.

Once you have changed the guard size, begin the cutting by moving in circles around the head’s sides and back. This ensures that you are not leaving or getting all the hair off, providing a clean cut. Also, start from the bottom up and be careful when approaching the top strip. The top strip area should be cut with caution not to disrupt the initial design of the hair.

Also, since the goal is to make a clear distinction between the top hair and the sides, ensure you do not fade the hair around the top strip towards the sides. This will only defeat the high and tight military haircut, and you might have to wait for another three weeks to get this design again. So, do not fade or style the sides and back of your hair.


Styling is not essential for the high and tight military haircut; however, if you want it, then you can add a bit of styling. This can be done by rubbing some wax on either the top hair or the hair’s front part. You can also make use of a gel or give a side parting with the end of your comb. This will bring out different unique designs and can keep your hair in place for a longer time.

The beauty of having a military haircut is because it does not involve special treatment, and you can do it yourself from the comfort of your couch. However, bear in mind that you should have your haircut once every two to three weeks to keep the style neat and smooth.

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