How to Study if You Have a Lot of Homework – 2024 Guide

Homework is a great way to revise for tests and exams. Nonetheless, it can also get quite overwhelming, especially if you’ve missed a couple of classes.

Sometimes, students might even feel like their homework interferes with their studying, making it all seem quite counterproductive.

However, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? A bit of planning and some self-discipline can make a big difference.

Here we’ll tell you all about tackling homework when you also have a lot to study, so keep on reading to find out more about it.

Plan everything out


If your deadlines and exams are approaching, taking the time to make a studying schedule might seem like a bootless errand. In reality, it’s probably just what you need to get all of those tasks done in time!

Having a set daily plan for homework and studying helps you avoid procrastination. If you give yourself the entire day to do your homework, you’ll probably spend hours dwelling on something that would usually take you a couple of minutes to do. This, in turn, leaves you with less time to actually sit down and study.

So, sit down, create a studying/homework plan, and try to stick to it as much as you can. Again, people work better when they set small deadlines for themselves, as this leaves less room for procrastination and other distractions.

Include homework in your study routine

Homework should be looked at as a tool that helps you study more effectively, never as an obstacle you need to „deal with“ before you start studying.

You can’t do your assignments properly if you don’t understand the material very well. So, you’ll need to study while doing your homework, to do it correctly.

Now, of course, sometimes you have too many assignments at once, which can get quite hectic during the exam season. If you’ve been slacking for a little while, and now you have too much to do at the same time, make sure you study first and do your homework to „check“ the knowledge you’ve accumulated during the study session. It’s the most efficient way to get things done when you’re limited with time.

Take small breaks from time to time


We understand the urge to pull an all-nighter when you’re behind on your assignments, but it’s simply not a very good idea. Your brain needs time to „digest“ all of that information – make sure you allow yourself to rest, at least in short intervals.

In this way, you’ll be able to study AND complete your homework much more quickly. A good method you can use to achieve the optimal balance between rest and studying is something called „The Pomodoro technique“. It’s simple but very effective: work for 25 minutes and rest for 5. After you’ve completed four 25-minute tasks (or pomodoros) take a longer break (between 15-30 minutes). You can find timers with visual and audio cues on YouTube if you’d like to give them a try during your next study session.

Get professional assistance

We’ve all been there: students trying to prepare for an exam the night before is nothing unheard of. Is it a good idea? Not really. Still, however, it’s something that might happen to you during your studies. If you’re in this type of situation, you probably don’t have enough time to complete your other assignments – passing the exam is a priority.

Now, again, we don’t recommend doing this very often, but when your grade depends on your homework and you don’t have time to complete it because you need to study, you could hire someone to do it for you.

For example, to get your homework out of the way, in case you have to write an essay, you can rely on websites such as

Find a study group


Now, not everyone learns effectively in a group setting, so you can skip this part if you don’t think it’s something that would be beneficial to you.

Either way, studying with other people has many benefits, especially if you’re also doing homework together. You can ask your peers to help you with concepts you find difficult, which makes your entire studying process much easier to handle.

You’ll feel free to ask as many questions as you need to, allowing you to immediately understand ideas that would otherwise leave you puzzled for hours.

Create a studying/homework zone

Focusing on homework can be difficult, especially when you know you have a lot to study afterward.

To get rid of this anxiety, we recommend creating your own „study zone“ where you’ll be able to focus and concentrate properly. This means no distractions: leave your phone in another room and ask your family for some peace and quiet.

Once you have a space where you’ll feel comfortable learning new information, your homework will easily become a part of your regular studying routine.

Always time yourself


Every studying session should be taken as a learning opportunity. That’s why we recommend timing yourself while doing homework and studying. Once you know how much time certain tasks take, you’ll be able to organize your future studying sessions in an extremely efficient way.

As we’ve already mentioned before, proper organization is key. No matter how much or how little time you have to finish your assignments, as long as you know how to create a good study plan, you’ll be all right.

The bottom line

Having to write an essay or complete a written assignment when you already have a lot to study for your exams can be incredibly difficult. It requires proper organization, careful planning, and some help from the „outside“.

Again, it’s okay to seek help from others when you’re unable to handle the workload by yourself. Just make sure you review it all to ensure you understand the topic properly, and everything will be fine.

Either way, we hope this short guide has helped you find a way to spend less time doing your homework when you have a lot to study at the same time.

Good luck with all of your exams!

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