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  • Education

    How to Study if You Have a Lot of Homework – 2024 Guide

    Homework is a great way to revise for tests and exams. Nonetheless, it can also get quite overwhelming, especially if you’ve missed a couple of classes. Sometimes, students might even feel like their homework interferes with their studying, making it all seem quite counterproductive. However, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? A bit of…

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  • Life Style

    9 Ways to Take a Break from Your Busy Life in 2024

    It’s not a secret that most of us lead very busy lives. In the times where the daily schedule is jam-packed, it’s hard to relax and take a break. We can push through by motivating ourselves because we all know that the hard work pays out in the end, but nevertheless, we deserve a break. Sure, we get mandatory vacation…

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