How to Wear Custom Patches Like a Celebrity in 2024?

Patches or cloth badges have been around for hundreds of years. These embroidered pieces of cloth that can be attached to clothing with a pin or sewn onto fabric were initially used in the military as an identification tool. During the mid-60s, hippies were getting second-hand military clothes which they embellished with patches, spreading the trend all over the world. During the ‘80s, although still representing solidarity and identity, they became a part of the punk movement and a style staple for fans of metal music.

In the past, these badges were considered anti-fashion, but today, they are worn by many who want to make a bold fashion statement. Celebrities are bringing back the custom patches trend, wearing them on denim and leather jackets, jeans, and even bags.


Today’s modern patches usually have adhesive on the back and all it takes is to iron them on a piece of clothing, enabling you to make your own, customized items. So if you are interested in following this trend just like many celebrities do, here are some ideas about how you can do that.

1. Denim jackets


A darker denim jacket will make your patches stand out more. For a bohemian-inspired look, you can pair them with crochet shorts and a delicate top. For a grunge look, take a simple denim jacket and wear it over a white top coupled with a leather skirt.

Remember, before sticking your patches onto a jacket, try different placements and quantities until you find the look you’re satisfied with. If you want your theme to be cohesive, you can even go a step further and design your own, custom ones. You can visit https://www.gs-jj.com/patches/Custom-Patches if you want to learn more about this.

2. Jeans


You can opt for an edgier look, by placing a lot of patches next to each other, all over the legs of your jeans. You can pair them with a graphic band tee and a leather jacket. If you want to play it safe, then just place a few on each leg and throw on a simple T-shirt and colorful blazer.

If you want to completely follow the latest celebrity fashion trends, try the double denim embroidered look and match it with a turtleneck or tee, and white sneakers.

3. Leather jackets


For a total rock star vibe, place patches on the collar and sleeves of your leather jacket. The more you add the better and you can even attach a few pins to add a little extra to your look. Wear a black lace top and black pants to get that tough, yet delicate look.

4. Bags


Even celebrities like to sport casual fashion, such as plain white tees, white sneakers, and black ripped jeans. Carrying a bag with patches allows them to add a little flavor to their outfit, and you can do the same. Place as many as you want, however, and wherever you want them, and they will perfectly complement even the simplest of outfits.


Instead of buying clothes with already embroidered patches on them, you can create your custom items. It will enable you to rock outfits with patches just like celebrities, but it will also save you some money. All you need is a little effort, creativity, and time.

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