4 Jeep Essentials You Need for Your First Off Road Trip – 2024 Guide

Since the early beginnings of the all-time famous safari tour in Africa, we are somehow used to seeing different types of jeeps being the vehicle for these adventurous trips. A high-quality off-road vehicle promises security and the possibility of taking over every obstacle that might come in your way while going off-road. This applies to all other types of safari tours. Some take a shortcut and rent an off-road tour with an experienced guide, others simply decide to go walking/hiking if no tours are available in the vicinity. Hiking is fine, but if you would like to experience distant, not so easily accessible parts of nature, still unexplored, and you plan to stay and camp for a couple of days, then you’ll need a well-equipped vehicle. None of the fancy-looking, shiny jeeps, but a true adventurer, such as the defender.

Depending on your budget, you can plan the type of vehicle, and the market has a lot to offer. But what is also highly important to pay attention to is the equipment you’re taking with you. Planning the hiking and camping gear is more or less easy because you’ve probably experienced both by now. Planning what to have in the car, so you can take on every situation that occurs, requires a bit more experience. But, no need to worry. We have prepared a list of the essentials you need in your jeep, for the successful first-time off-road adventure. Continue reading and take notes.

1. Portable air compressor


The whole driving on the rough terrain requires adjusting the pressure in your pneumatics, and one tool you will use most of the road is the air compressor. The terrain will be different as you go from pavement to gravel, gravel to mud, mud to water. So, you understand why adjusting the pressure in the tires is of great importance. In cases when your tire breaks, you’ll obviously need it when you change the tire, to adjust the pressure to the other three.

Aside from the tires, these things come in handy if you plan to have a good rest or camp somewhere, they’re great for inflaming camping equipment, starting the tools which require air, or activating air cabinets. According to your specific desires, there’s always one that suits you, just visit

If you plan to ask why can’t you just use your normal portable one, the reasons are plenty. This equipment is designed in a way to handle even the toughest of conditions nature has to offer. They’re tested for working in challenging circumstances before they’re sent to retail. To be completely carefree, also choose the one that offers the best warranty. It is important to know that even when the warranty expires, most of the parts are changeable with the spare ones.

2. Normalization after stopping kit


When you’re going on the off-road tour, it’s extremely important to have the basic kit containing all the tools and equipment to normalize the vehicle after it stops. This includes a bundle of tools, such as:

suitable gloves, hoops, shackles, belts, chains, a spare cable, wood protector, towing ropes, hooks for the vehicle (front and back), a shovel, and an ax. We’ll explain some of these further:

  • Tow ropes

The ropes are for tying with shackles and hooks because the normal ones cannot handle the weight of such a vehicle, needed for stabilization when you’re going uphill. Of course, the safety of the passengers needs to be taken care of first, before you start the procedure of stopping the vehicle. Additional actions such as cleaning the mud or sand beneath the vehicle are also required to be done.

  • High lift crane

This is essential to have in the kit, not only because of the stopping, but you might need it when changing a tire. However, high lifting should only be performed if you’re properly dressed because it can be very dangerous. Although this is a very useful tool, performing very useful operations when off-road, it requires installing safety plugins on the vehicle. What more, you always have to use it in combination with the stable base plate to enable the safety position, which will extend the load to a larger surface.

  • Aircrane

This tool is made of large plastic bags, filled with air from exhaustion, enabling the crane to lift the vehicle to be normalized. It’s a bit more expensive, but let’s say a lighter option, easier for storing, but that cannot be exposed to hot components of the vehicle or sharp objects, for obvious reasons.

3. High-quality pneumatics


Depending on the season, you choose your pneumatics. The top-notch winter pneumatics can beat even decent pneumatics made for icy and snowy terrains. The winter one is, of course, specialized for the winter season. All-surface pneumatics can be good for winter conditions, but this depends on the brand. So, how do you know what kind of equipment to use? There is pneumatics available on the market that are decently behaving even on snow. You’ll recognize them by a small snowflake the hills sign. When you see it, you’ll know that the gear is behaving decently in all conditions, including the winter.

The performances of this gear can also be optimized in the deep snowy areas, so they can be used on all terrains. You do this by letting out about a third of the suggested pressure. Generally speaking, off-road vehicle driving is something completely different than what you’re probably used to. All field pneumatics will show better behavior in most situations than the winter pneumatics. So, choose carefully.

4. Water and food


Aside from the gear considered to be essential for the safety of driving in difficult terrain, one thing that can save your life if you get stuck somewhere is a well-prepared supply of food and water. Water is probably even more important because food can be found in the wilderness with enough skills while consuming untested water can be a disaster.

Now, when you have a list of all the essentials, you’re one step closer to an exciting off-road adventure.

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