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Joe Manganiello Net Worth 2024

In July one of the sexiest man on television has moved into the Hollywood Hills. He purchased a 2,000 square foot home worth $1.8 million. This is his first purchase in Hollywood but it’s only chump change from his bank account. His net worth is $7 million from his acting career on television and film. For his role as werewolf Alcide Herveaux on the HBO television series True Blood he earns over $100,000 per episode.

The hunk had humble beginnings in Pennsylvania a long ways from Los Angeles. He has born in a multicultural household with Sicilian, Austrian, German and Armenia descent. He is known for his tall statuesque and muscular boy type but it was developed form his athletic background in school. He played varsity football in high school but suffered an injury which lead him to focus on theater. He was one of 17 students accepted to Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. In 2013, The Hollywood Reporter ranked the School of Drama number 4 in the world amongst drama schools. The 36 year old dealt with bullying in school. As part of a video campaign for It Gets Better, Manganiello reveals he was beat up by older kids in middle school. And growing his curly hair longer to cover his big ears that stuck out earned him the nickname “’Fro-y Joey.”

To maintain his physique for movie roles Manganiello is required to take on a strict diet which includes heavy protein and virtually no carbs. The trained athlete and actor also does 2 workouts per day for 6 days a week. He is currently working on the 2013 film Tumbledown. The story line centers around a young woman struggles to move on with her life after the death of her husband, an acclaimed folk singer, when a brash New York writer forces her to confront her loss and the ambiguous circumstances of his death.

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