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John Paul DeJoria Net Worth 2024

John Paul DeJoria is an American businessman with Greek and Italian origins. He is famous as a self-made billionaire from Los Angeles, California. He is described as one of the persons who worked hard and achieved the American dream. Former homeless man, he got an opportunity to buy himself a seat on the NY Stock Exchange.

John Paul DeJoria

He is known as co-founder of The Patron Spirits Company and Paul Mitchell line of hair. Also, he is one of the most prominent businessmen who contributed to the business philosophy of today. Now, we are going to introduce you to the overall biography of this prominent person.

Private Life

John Paul DeJoria

John Paul Jones DeJoria is born on the thirteenth of April 1944 in Echo Park, LA, California. He comes from a mixed background, from Italian and Greek heritage. His parents divorced when John Paul was only two years old. He grew up without his father. In order to support his mother, he started selling newspapers and Christmas cards when he was only nine years old, together with his older brother.

John Paul DeJoria

He grew up in Revere and Atwater Village. He graduated in 1962 from John Marshall High School. He is married to Eloise Broady and has four children Alexis, John Anthony, Michael, and Justin. He was a Navy veteran. Based on his own confession, he didn’t think that he will succeed in life. Also, he said that besides his knowledge and experience, he had a serious amount of luck in business.


Before he started his own companies, he started working for Collier’s Encyclopedia when we left the army in 1964. A few years later, he started working at Redken Laboratories in 1971. That’s where he learned about the hair care business, at which he became very successful later. After working at this company, he started thinking about two ways he could potentially go, chain salons and scientific schools. This will have a large influence on his career later in his life.

In the 1980s, DeJoria teamed up with Paul Mitchell for launching a shampoo company. The investment was $700. The company’s worth $900 million today. It is important to point out that John Paul was living in his car at the time. In 1989 Paul Mitchell died. That same year, together with Martin Crowley he co-founded Patron Spirits. Through Wolfgang Puck and Clint Eastwood, his friends, he introduced his products to the some of the most prominent people in Hollywood. His products became an instant hit. This was only the beginning of his success.

Net Worth

John Paul DeJoria net worth

All of Paul Jones DeJoria’s wealth is accumulated from his business work. As of 2024, John Paul Jones DeJoria’s net worth is estimated at $4 billion. Besides founding Paul Mitchell line and Patron Spirits. Also, he founded a chain of nightclubs called “House of Blues”. Plus, he has an interest in Madagascar Oil Ltd.

Furthermore, he founded and co-founded Ultimat Vodka, Solar utility, Pyrat Rum, Sun King Solar, LLC, Touchstone Natural Gas, Smokey Mountain Bison Farm. He is credited with many famous quotes which are essential for today’s business philosophy. He is in a lot of businesses like alcohol, beauty, hair care, etc.

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