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Joyce Giraud Net Worth 2024

Former Miss Universe Puerto Rico had established herself as a successful woman before her marriage to millionaire Michael Ohoven. Ohoven comes from a wealthy German family. His father was an investment banker and his mother was a an Ambassador. His father owns Commerzbank AG which reported a profit of $688 million in 2011. The bank has been in his family since 1870 mainly active in commercial bank, retail banking and mortgaging. His father turned to new leadership outside the family to handle the banks struggling finances in the early 2000s. Commerzbank is the second largest lender to shipping companies in Germany and has over $661 BILLION in assests. Joyce is by far the richest housewife on the series being married Ohoven. Reportedly they didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement which means she could be worth half of the family fortune.

Michael Ohoven stepped outside of the financial industry to establish himself as a top Hollywood producer. He used $30 million of his family fortune to start Infinity Media which he currently runs. Michael Ohoven is one of the youngest ever Oscar-nominated producers, and in 2006, The Hollywood Reporter named him one of Hollywood’s “Most Prolific Producers.” Now Joyce can sit pretty and sip lemonade outside their 12,000 square foot home in Beverly Hills.

Joyce Giraud comes from humble roots. She was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in a single family household. Her mother raised her working as a social worker and had a part time job to help pay for Joyce’s college education. After Joyce graduated from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico she worked as a model to pay her mom back. She won the several pageants including her first in 1994, Miss World Puerto Rico. She went on to due international competitions and rank well getting runner up in the 1998 Miss Universe pageant. She began acting in the late 90’s doing small roles in Puerto Rico before moving to Florida to do commercials and ad campaigns. In 2000 she moved to Los Angeles California where she met her husband Michael Ohoven.

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