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Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2024

Center and Power Forward for the Boston Celtics was recently traded to the Brooklyn Nets. His contract is worth $12.4 million for 2013-2014 and $6 million is guaranteed. He ended his 3 year contract with the Celtics worth $36 million of which he had been guaranteed $30 million. The reported deal between the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets that would send Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce from the Celtics to the Nets has been agreed to by both teams and Kevin Garnett, according to’s Ken Berger. The trade is believed to be Garnett, Pierce, and Jason Terry to the Nets in exchange for Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Reggie Evans, sign-and-trade Keith Bogans, and three first round picks.

Garnett didn’t begin his career a Celtic. But he was born one in spirit, a worthy descendant of Bill Russell, the rare modern player who prioritized winning and defense and all-out, on-the-fringe effort rather than getting his shots. KG changed the culture here, as the fulcrum of the defense and Ubuntu, and that 17th banner would not be hanging from the Garden rafters without him. It was a pleasure to watch him for these six years and you’d better believe his No. 5 belongs in the rafters.

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