Kids Indoor Playground Ideas to Try in 2024

Kids are growing up so fast! You can barely keep up with their demands, let alone come up with fun and exciting ideas for indoor playgrounds to try. In this blog post, we will provide you with some ideas for kids’ indoor playgrounds that you can use in 2024. From simple play structures to creative locomotives, there’s something for everyone in this list. So get ready to have some fun – and maybe even inspire a few new ideas of your own!

Indoor Playgrounds for All Ages


If your child loves spending time indoors, there are plenty of fun indoor playgrounds to explore. From big and bold play structures for older kids to smaller, more compact options perfect for toddlers, these spaces offer plenty of imaginative challenges as well as a place to relax and have some fun.

For toddlers and preschoolers, many of the best choices are small play areas that can be easily moved from room to room. This makes them perfect for when you want a break from playing outside but don’t have enough space for a full-blown playground. Some great options include the following:

  • The Bird’s nest: This colorful play structure is perfect for little ones who love to climb. It has several levels of netting that provide plenty of climbing opportunities while also keeping little ones safe.
  • The ABC play area: This simple-yet-effective play area features six different panels with brightly colored letters on them. Kids can try to spell words or identify objects by their colors.
  • The Pirate ship play structure: This sturdy play structure is perfect for older kids who love playing pirates. It has two levels, a bridge and an observation deck that make it great for imaginative play as well as supervised activity.

Creative and Fun Activities for Kids


There are endless ways to keep your kids entertained indoors, and one of the best things you can do is to provide them with a creative and fun play space. Whether it’s a small room or an entire house, here are some ideas for creating a kids indoor playground they will love:

  1. Get creative with puzzles and games: Puzzles can be a great way to stimulate young minds, while also providing some entertainment. Play some simple jigsaw puzzles or more complicated mind-bending ones like Tangrams. Games like Scrabble or Monopoly can also be enjoyed by both adults and children.
  2. Make use of props: Anything from baskets full of balls to large tins can be turned into makeshift play structures or obstacle courses. If you have a lot of toys lying around the house, why not set up a treasure hunt or pretend play area?
  3. Set up swings and other activities: Swings are perfect for getting energy out and providing a bit of fun at the same time. If there’s something specific your kids love doing, make sure to get them one that’s compatible with their age group and activity preferences. Other popular kid activities include balancing beams, climbing trees, playing in wading pools (or even using them as giant water tables), playing on the floor with foam blocks, and bouncing on trampolines (check the safety rating first!).
  4. Create themed rooms: It’s easy to get carried away with the endless options for decoration when it comes to creating a play area, but sometimes it’s helpful to focus on a specific theme. If your kids are big fans of Cars or Disney movies, for example, why not set up a room themed around those topics? Possible decorations might include car models, posters of characters from movies or TV shows, and even replicas of famous cars or buildings.
  5. Set up small camps out: For older kids (or adults!), setting up small camps out can be a great way to have some fun without leaving the house. This could involve making tents out of sheets or blankets, setting up a simple kitchen (complete with dishes and utensils), building forts using pillows and cushions, or playing video games in private settings.
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