How to Kill Your Nicotine Habit Successfully with Vaping – 2024 Guide

Vaping is known as a new hobby, popular among the younger, but also older people. The fact is that vaping can help people to quit smoking by killing the nicotine habit. Because of that, many people are choosing that alternative. Besides the health issues that smoking can cause, there are many other things like the awful smell on the clothes, hair, and in the house, and vaping is solving all of them. If you are interested in changing the habits, check But, before you think that there is some magical solution to kill the nicotine habit, there are some things that you should know, and you can read about them in this text.

1. Choosing the right vape


Everything is starting with choosing the right device. Since this is a popular hobby, the number of devices is big, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. For those who are trying to quit smoking best solution is mouth-to-lung devices because, with them, you are inhaling the vapor directly to the lungs what is similar to smoking. Those devices are delivering high nicotine to your body, which the body is used to, and they are a great replacement for cigarettes. After that, you should decide do you want a pod or pen device. Pod devices are easy to use since there are no buttons or changing coils. The only thing you should do is to put the cartridge in and smoke like a cigarette. Pen devices are a little different since there is a button that turns the device on and off, a coil that needs to be replaced from time to time, and a tank where you put the e-liquid. Keep in mind that it may be a little hard to find a perfect device, and don’t lose hope before trying some of them. Instead, keep your focus on trying different alternatives and high-quality kits and e-liquids. You can find them here.

2. Nicotine levels

Many passionate smokers think that they need the highest nicotine level to satisfy their needs, but it is not a fact. The crucial thing is to see how nicotine is hitting the bloodstream, so sometimes lower levels are enough. If you are addicted to cigarettes and not sure that anything can help, try e-liquids with nic salts since they are hitting the bloodstream faster and will give the same satisfaction as cigarettes. Don’t make a mistake and choose the e-liquids with the highest level of nicotine. The best thing is to try the ones with lower levels, and if it is not enough after two days, go with the stronger one. Once you find the perfect e-liquid, try to use it for a while, and then gradually reduce the level of nicotine in them. By decreasing it slowly, the body has time to adjust, and smaller doses will be enough until the point where it doesn’t need nicotine at all.

3. Two crucial weeks


The first period is the hardest, and it lasts for two weeks. During this time, your body and the brain are adjusting to the new situation, and it can be quite difficult. Make sure that the battery on the vape device is always full to avoid a nervous breakdown in the morning when you want a few clouds of vapor after waking up. Think positive, and keep in mind that after this period, everything is going to be much easier.

4. Pauses between sessions

Lower nicotine levels can help with delaying the next vaping session. That may look impossible in the beginning, but it is true. If you think about the cigarette like about one dose, it is normal to think about the other when you finish. Running out of cigarettes is every smoker’s biggest nightmare. Vaping is a little different because there are no doses. After all, you are vaping for how much you need. Try to delay the first session to the breakfast, or avoid it before sleeping. After some time, it will be possible to control the desire, and vaping will be much more fun.

5. Food instead flavored e-liquids


Another great characteristic of e-liquids is that it is possible to find them in various flavors. Whatever food or drink you think about, it is available to enjoy through the vape device. Since the smell and taste are so realistic, sometimes it can be the same as eating real food. That characteristic is useful in quitting the nicotine habit since it is much better to taste some fruit than tobacco while smoking. Because of that, you can try to trick your brain, so any time you need a few puffs, try to eat fruit or dessert. It can work.

6. Trust in yourself

It can be a little challenging, and it can be easy to lose faith, but that is not the solution. The most significant thing is to trust in yourself not only during the good times but also the bad ones. Find some new hobby, try to keep the brain busy to avoid anxiety and nervousness. Every time you lose faith, try to think about the reasons for quitting smoking, and that can be very helpful. Make a reminder on the fridge, and read it every morning. Do whatever you think is helpful since there is no such thing as a stupid thing if it is helping. Positive thoughts are the best ally in every fight, especially during hard times.

Nicotine is not something that your body needs, and the best thing is to avoid using it. Sometimes it can be challenging, especially if you are a passionate smoker, but the good thing is that it is possible. Comparing to smoking, vaping is less harmful to the body, and it is much easier to reduce the nicotine level that way. Besides all that, a big plus is a fact that the odor in the house will be gone, and your hair and clothes will smell much better. The yellow stains on the teeth and fingers are the past, and it can be a perfect way to save some money.

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