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Krystle Amina Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Early Life, and Education

Krystle Amina is everything a man can ask out of a woman. She’s a caring mother, a lover to her husband, and so much more. Many of you probably know her as the wife of Wil Willis, who works on History Channel. The two formed a marital community and rarely lived happily ever after.

Here we are going to talk about all sides of her, not only to those that tie her to her husband. Above all else, Amina is a respected artist. Her line of work revolves around illustrations. While she excelled in what she does for a living, Krystle only became a focus of public interest when she became engaged to Willis. But, as we said, she’s more than merely his wife, and here we are going to write about her work and bits from her personal life. If you want to know more about Krystle, continue reading this article.

Bio, Early Life, and Education


Once you get engaged to someone famous, reporters will try looking up into who you are, what you do, etc. But, Amina wasn’t a celebrity all her life, and thus there wasn’t too much information about her circling. Now, after she married Wil Willis, she tries to keep things private, so we had issues digging up things regarding Krystle.

Krystle Amina is a declared American, being born in the USA, where she spent her entire life to date. She is Caucasian, but from her appearance and name, we can tell that she has an exotic background. Unfortunately, no info regarding her birth date, parents, or even education is unavailable to us at the moment. This will be the part of the article we’ll update first as soon as we collect some more data on her.

Krystle Amina Wedding


As we already said, she rose to prominence after she got engaged to Wil Willis. For all of you not aware of who Willis is, we’re going to fill you in. He is a former soldier who comes from a military family. Willis graduated from high school in 1993 and immediately enlisted in the Army. He was engaged with the Army for fifteen years, serving with the Army’s 3rd Ranger Battalion and as an Air Force Pararescueman.

Because of his military background, he received an offer to work for History Channel. There he filmed three separate shows, one being Forged in Fire, while the other two are Special Ops Mission and Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World. Fans well-received these shows, and Willis gained popularity rather quickly.

Despite becoming famous, Willis decided to get married to a less known girl in Krystle Amina. Because of her unknown background, people started wondering what it was that tied Wil’s heart. What’s the knot that links these two souls? We’re sorry, but this will prove to be a difficult question to answer. The couple lives a life secluded from the public, looking to reveal as little as they can.


The one thing that we do know is that they had a genuinely romantic engagement. Wil Wills put a ring on Amina’s hand on St. Valentine’s day in 2017. The romance was a bit unique for this couple as the ring was shaped like a skull with black diamonds. According to, black diamonds symbolize charisma but also had a negative connotation with bad luck and death. This makes the choice of diamond color and ring design strangely curious.

The ring comes in pair, so even Wil has one with the same skull and black diamonds. The picture of the couple was shared on her Instagram page. The post only garnered 155 likes because she’s not looking to have too many followers on her profile. Just as everything else, Amina keeps her Instagram as private as she can.

The pair didn’t wait too long for the wedding, as they had a ceremony later in 2017. Wil married Krystle in October only a couple of months after their engagement. The service was held in California in a place called Topanga.

Amina and Wil welcomed their first child this year in March. Flash Orion Willis, as they named their son, was born on March 7th of 2024. Wil also has two sons from his previous marriage named Celeb and Jacob.

Krystle’s Career

As we said, this 5 feet 4 inches bombshell is an artist by profession. She mainly focuses on illustrations, but also Krystle had ventured into interior design. She’s known to have taken part in working on a couple of dispensaries in California. But, her focus remains on working with watercolor, pastel, and charcoal. Unfortunately, Amina is not sharing her work on social media platforms, which is a shame.

Krystle Amina Net Worth


Illustrations and art do not create a lot of income these days, but Amina gets by just fine. Her career helped her to have a steady salary, which amassed her a decent amount of money. As of 2024, it is told that she has close to $200 thousand in her saving accounts. The sources we had access to claim that from illustrations and design, she attains $58 thousand a year. If we add her other ventures that create additional $49 thousand, we can tell that she’s doing just fine.

Luckily for her, now she’s married, so together with her husband Wil Willis, she probably has more to her name since they tied the knot in 2017. As we already told you, Willis is a TV personality, and his work on History Channel pays rather well. We shouldn’t forget the years he spent in the military that also created income for him. After more than ten years of being associated with HC, Wil managed to attain more than $1 million to his name. All things taken into account, we can’t say that this young couple isn’t fairing well.


We hope you had a fun time reading about Krystle Amina and her life. She and her husband Wil are a couple that just started their family, and we’re sure their public exposure is coming. All we need to do is stay put, and on their trail, so we could garner new information regarding Willis couple. It’s not necessary to go all Special Ops as Wil did, but we’ll keep a close eye on them so that you could be up to date with Krystle Amina and her husband.

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