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Lil Za Net Worth 2024

Birth name: Xavier Smith
Birthplace: Texas
Birthday: May 5th, 1994
Label: Young Money Entertainment
Net Worth: 200,000

Lil Za is a 26 year old rapper who is friends with pop star Justin Bieber. Lil Za was signed to Young Money entertainment when he was 15 years old. Young Money is a label under Cash Money Records which is home to Lil Wayne and Birdman. Rapper Lil Wayne started the label in 2007 and the first artist signed to Young Money was California native Tyga. Lil Za’s older brother Lil Twist also released several singles with Young Money. Twist was friends with Bieber through Nicki Minaj who collaborated with Bieber on the track Beauty and a Beat. Lil Za signed a deal with Young Money in 2010 worth an estimated $500K for three albums.

Xavier Dominique Smith was born in Oak Cliff Texas in 1994. He followed his older brother’s footsteps and dropped out of high school when he was 15 to pursue a rap career. It was easy for Xavier since his brother had already signed to Cash Money when he was 10 years old. The brothers also have a little sister named Crystal.


Za has been signed with the label for 4 years but still has not released his first album or any singles. Lil Za currently tours with Twist as a hype man and has been featured as a guest artist on tracks by artist Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine, and Tyga but nothing officially sent to radio.

Lil Za had been living with Justin Bieber prior to the 2014 incident which landed him in jail. Za, Lil Twist and others were living in Bieber’s home but were kicked out by his former girlfriend Selena Gomez due to their bad influence. It was believed the brothers introduced Bieb to marijuana, and lead him to cheat on his then girlfriend. Za and Twist had also been seen driving Bieber’s exotic $100,000 plus cars through his neighborhood of Calabasas causing his high class neighbors to protest against him living there.

Most recently Bieber was involved in a vandalism case against a next door neighbor. He reportedly egged their home which cost a reported $20,000 in damages. It lead to a raid by police who found 8 young adults living in Bieber’s home and cocaine. It was later reported the cocaine belonged to rapper Lil Za.

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