Tips To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

It is rightly said that ‘if you are willing to live together, you must first learn to live apart.’ Being apart from each other for a certain period makes you feel and understand the importance of your partner in your life.

Sometimes by being together all the time, you tend to take your partner for granted and miss out on the spice of the relationship. Being apart is not easy for every person in a relationship due to all the cravings to meet.

So, here are a few tips that might be helpful for you if you are struggling to make it through in a long-distance relationship.

Honesty is the essence


Being honest to each other is essential, as it is better that your partner knows about your insecurities at the initial stage rather than knowing it after it starts destroying the relationship. Being honest here includes telling each other about all the mixed feelings or emotions that you carry within yourself related to your partner.

There can be insecurity, apathy, jealousy, etc., that you are hiding from your partner and dealing with them by yourself. It can not only have a bad impact once your partner knows about them but also can cause harm to your mental peace. Thus, it is best that all the cards are laid open on the table to ensure no future unwanted issues in the relationship.

Communication is the key

Two people in a relationship should learn to communicate not only frequently but also creatively. It is important to maintain that spark in the relationship, and while you are away, the only means to do that is through communication.

Regularly sending simple and creative messages like “morning,” “sweet dreams,” etc., maintains that sweetness and newness in the relationship. Also, frequent video calls using platforms like, voice messages, or short, lovely videos go a long way. Now, the exception, in this case, is that you need not have to indulge in excessive communication.

Calling in every half hour can prove to be exhaustion for your partner and vice versa. Nobody who is goal-oriented and is serious with his or her life will be interested in talking for 24 hours and sharing the stupidest things like the menu of the dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Thus, ensure that there is proper and frequent communication between you but not too much.

Don’t always whine about being apart


It is important that you do not make your partner a babysitter who is always consoling you about being far away from each other. If you are in a real relationship, it is as hard on your partner to be away from you as it is for you.

So you should not make it harder for your partner by continuously whining about being apart. This not only puts pressure on your partner but also can make him feel irritated at times. You should pull yourself together in the tough times and talk with your partner once in a while about feeling lonely and missing him or her.

This will also create a lovable moment between you both and will not annoy your partner about your continuous whining. This also shows how strong a personality is and how good you are at controlling your emotions in life.

Plan a few routines together every day

For making your relationship spicy and fun, you must plan a few routines daily to do together. This can be, playing multiplayer games together, attending a seminar together, watching a documentary at the same time, etc.

While doing this, you should keep in mind the schedule of your partner. The tight schedule or duties that are important for your partner to perform, like fuming, meetings, etc., should not be disturbed because of the fun routine that you are looking forward to.

Doing things together makes you spend time together by being far from each other. It also makes the relationship and bond stronger between both of you.

Make time and have a visit


The highlight of every long-distance relationship is small visits that you make to each other’s place. It can be planned or a surprise visit. While it is very common for other couples living together or in the same city to hold hands, kiss each other, be close to each other, enjoy going on dates or dinners, etc., it is extra special for the people living in long-distance relationships.

It creates another sense of sentiment for both of you when you meet after such a long time, craving for each other’s presence near you. When you hold hands or kiss each other after a long period, being in love, there are violins and butterflies all around the place.

Of course, bidding goodbyes to each other can be hard, but it is very much sweeter and lovely to be reunited after being apart for several days or months.

Use the time to work on your goals

It is obvious that two people in a relationship cannot live apart from each other forever. There comes a time when both of you will settle down. Both of you should use this time to work on the goals that you want to achieve in life. They may be different from each other or the same.

You must sit down together and make a deadline or talk about the period you are going to be apart from and what you can do to make that period productive instead of just whining about being far away from each other. If your goals are the same, it is a cherry on the cake, as you can work together to achieve those goals, keep each other motivated and teach each other new things that you learn on a daily basis.

It can also create a new spark in your relationship as teenager couples who study in schools or colleges together. If your goals are different, you can still keep each other motivated by little speeches of motivation for each other in between. You can individually as well as with each other find good and decent platforms to learn about your goals.

It is important that you understand that in both of your lives, your goal and career are more important than the relationship because if you are goal-oriented and once you settle, you can be together forever with a secure future.

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