5 Pros and Cons of Mathematical Strategies in Sports Betting

Sports betting and gambling has changed a lot over the many decades and even centuries of its existence. It might have started as just another pastime activity for people who firmly believed they know more about sporting events that their rivals, enough to wager some money and back up their claims. However, in the modern world, sports betting is a fast-growing industry with billions of dollars in circulation. Many sports fans are also passionate bettors who play a few tickets every day and hope their favorite clubs and players bring them more than just bragging rights and sports fun. It is about making money and being successful.

In such an environment, the bettors look for any help they can get and try to come up with different strategies that would increase their chances at a larger score. This means that anything from superstitions and various beliefs ae possible to real strategies and tactics that are more based in reality. Among the most popular things the best of the best employ is mathematics. Mathematical strategies have a lot of benefits on gambling if you know how to use them. If you are more calculated and if you think mathematically about your chances and odds, you will surely start winning more than you lose.

In the article here we will talk about the benefits and downsides of mathematical strategies in the world of sports betting. They take some time to master and properly use, but once you learn how to integrate them into your existing systems there will be nothing stopping you from winning big. Keep reading to learn more and make sure to check out betway bonus code on to test your new approach on the best online sports betting services.


Let us first talk about the benefits of using mathematics in your sports betting and determine why it can be a good thing. While it may not work for everybody, the fact that mathematics can only help you win more cannot and must not be overlooked. Consider the following:

1. You know what you are doing


The worst thing you can do while gambling in any scenario is go blindly into it and expect good results. According to research mostly based on surveys of bettors and gamblers around the world, it seems that the majority of those wagering on sports have no real tactic or plan when choosing the games they are betting on.

They never take any stats and numbers into consideration. Therefore, if you start using the smallest amounts of logic and apply mathematics to it, you immediately have a better chance at winning. Get better at understanding the numbers behind the sports and start applying them to your every decision. It is easier than you think, you just have to pick up the habit.

2. Better understanding of the sports


In order to use calculations to become a batter sports bettor, one must also know the sports on a higher level than an average fan. There is so much to know and follow in every sport. In football for example, goals are just the tip of the iceberg. Advanced statistics are much more important in determining the value of a game and evaluating whether or not the odds make sense. Even though they may be against a team, other factors could be in their favor.

However, you can only know about them if you follow the team and the players and calculate the probabilities and chances they have against different opponents. You will become a better sports fan and a more skillful bettor at once if you apply math.

3. It works


It is as simple as that. The biggest pro of using math in betting is that it actually works, and it has been proven multiple time. Having a system you will apply whenever you bet will increase your chances at winning by decreasing your chances of losing. Covering what you can and making sure you thought of everything is already enough. It is enough to think about how much you win. Let us say 40% of your bets. If the average odds are 2.00, that means that for every 100 bets you make, you win 40 wagers. For every 100 bets, you win $400 but lose $500 if your bets are successful or unsuccessful, respectively. Knowing how much you spend, lose, and earn matters as you can calculate your yearly and monthly income from bets.


Of course, there are certain downsides to using mathematics in gambling that prevent more people from using it. If everything were so peachy, nobody would have doubts about it and it would be the staple of all sports wagering. Think about these for example:

4. It gets difficult with even sides


It is very challenging to figure out the best move if two equal sides battle it out on the court. For example, the El Classico is always a coin toss between Real Madrid taking it and FC Barcelona winning the game. Nobody really thinks about the draw despite all three outcomes having similar odds. The bookies do end up choosing the favorite outcome and give it slightly better odds, but in the end it is also about other, more sports-related factors. It can be difficult to apply math to certain situations where the sport itself matters most.

5. Mathematics take the blame


Another potential con of using mathematical strategies in betting is the fact that you will always have something else rather than yourself to blame for your lost money. In reality, it will always be you who is to blame whether you win or lose. You are the person who paid for the bet and wagered a sum and you take full responsibility.

Therefore, the consequences are your to bear. Math is absolute and it cannot fail. If you put in a certain combination of numbers and apply mathematical operations, there will be a result. Even if the result is the one you wanted, it still may not happen. Who is then to blame for it? Certainly not the science that practically runs the world.

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