6 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Muscle Build in 2024

When you hit the gym and start exercising, you need to consider tons of aspects to ensure that you maximize your muscle gains and get a decent muscle build. This is not a big problem for regular gym-goers who have been working out in gyms for the past few years and keep themselves updated with various workout information on the internet.

However, this is a problem for beginners who have just started working out in gyms. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about working out and the diet you need to supplement your exercise. It confuses a lot of beginners about which information is accurate and what tips they should follow.

If you, too, are someone like this who is looking for tips to maximize your muscle build to an optimal level, don’t worry; we have you covered. In this article, we will be listing several tips and tricks for maximizing muscle growth to a decent level. Along with these tips, if you want, you can help melt fat and enhance your cardio with Phoenix-Gen Research’s SR-9009. Click here to learn more.

We strongly recommend you read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

1. Eat a bountiful breakfast.


Before starting your workout, eat a breakfast full of rich nutrients and calories that provide you with just the right amount of energy for your workout session. It also helps you get used to the idea of eating healthy from time to time throughout the day and enables you to get the rest of your diet in order.

If you are really serious about gaining muscles and maximizing your muscle build, you must eat an ideal breakfast to start the day before your workout session. This breakfast needs to be high in protein and have sufficient calories to get you through the workout. A breakfast of eggs, boiled or fried, milk and cheese can help you set your day the right way.

2. Switch to lifting light from time to time.

Many people think that the only way of maximizing your muscle build is by lifting the heaviest weights possible for them. While this does help you build your most major muscle groups, a few muscle groups don’t benefit from this exercise and instead need low-weight and high-rep workouts to grow.

You must balance your workout regime with light and multiple rep workouts every once in a week or two. This helps all of your muscles grow in a balanced way and encourages growth in every type of major muscle group. The next time your weekly workout regime is about to finish, make sure to remind yourself to pull some light and multiple rep sets.

3. Get an adequate amount of sleep and rest.


Contrary to popular belief, working out and eating a proper diet are only 2/3rd the part of the equation to maximising muscle build. Getting adequate rest and a good night’s sleep is the third part of the equation. You need to ensure that you at least get 6-8 hours of sleep each night because that’s the bare minimum time your muscles need to synthesise protein.

Not giving your muscles proper rest can result in adverse effects instead of positive results. This also applies to taking weekly breaks of a day or two each week to ensure that you don’t overwork your body. Proper sleep and rest are crucial to bodybuilding which is why many experts suggest that you take frequent breaks and sleep responsibly each week.

4. Increase weights responsibly.

When you start making progress in the gym and increasing the number of weights to lift or carry, make sure to increase the amount responsibly. If you increase your weights too much and start lifting with them, you can put an excessive amount of pressure on your muscles, resulting in severe injury.

On the other hand, if you increase your weights only by marginal amounts, you won’t make any dent in your muscle growth instead waste your energy in less fruitful endeavours. The best way of knowing if you are lifting the right amount of weights is by keeping an eye on the force you need and checking if you feel the same after lifting as you did before lifting.

5. Opt for more protein.


Protein is necessary for building muscle mass and ensuring that your muscles get proper growth and repairs over time. If you want to maximise your muscle-building journey, ensure that you opt for foods with high protein and consume a necessary daily intake of it. Experts suggest that around 20g of protein is essential for each workout sitting.

All in all, many experts agree that about 80g of protein is the ideal amount of protein intake that you should take for ensuring proper muscle growth. Optimising your diet to maximise the amount of protein you consume while minimising the calorie intake for the same amount of food is the first building step for ensuring a proper muscle building diet.

6. Do proper stretching before and between workouts.

Stretching after an intense workout session stretches your muscles out and helps them relax. This, in turn, ensures that you get the most benefits out of your exercising session. There are tons of different stretches out there that you can use for after and in-between your workout, such as Cobra stretches, pull stretches, and leg stretches.

Many researchers strongly recommend you stretch out for five minutes or so after you complete each exercise. Stretching has shown to have numerous benefits to your workout, and many bodybuilding professionals have made stretching an essential part of their workout session. Each stretch relieves your muscles of piled-up tension, which is extremely necessary to ensure muscle pain doesn’t occur later.


It is necessary that you follow various tips and tricks to ensure maximum growth in your muscle build regime. We hope this article was insightful for you to realise just that and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it helps out immensely.

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