3 Misconception People Have About Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy (RLT) has been in use for many years. It is known to relieve joint pain and increase the process of healing. Thus, your joints will have increased mobility and you will get a speedy recovery. Therefore, to sum it up, if you are suffering from joint pain, your quality of life will be seriously affected. However, with the help of this treatment, you can enjoy your life again.

Wide acceptance


Red light therapy has wide acceptance and medical centres and hospitals do use this treatment for their patients. This also includes physiotherapists, trainers and Pro Athletes. Athletes are highly likely to suffer from accidents and surgery is not an option for them. Furthermore, they need to recover quickly without compromising their health. Therefore, such therapies are the best option for them.

Where to get them?

If you are looking for one such therapy, you can contact your nearby hospital or medical centre. And if you have been using this treatment and you are very well aware of its use and benefits, you can get it for yourself. It is not difficult to use and therefore, you can even use it at home. You can get your red light therapy at home by having the unit with you.

They have red light devices for various purposes. You can get it for yourself, your pets and even different sizes. Of course, the price will vary with that.

So what’s the problem then?

The problem lies with the myths and misconceptions. At all times, some people reject things based on their personal experience. Despite the advantage of this treatment, there are also many misconceptions that we must clear.

If someone is hearing about it for the first time, he will also come to know about the misconceptions. Thus, they will stop using such an effective and easy therapy.

So today we are going to discuss such myths and deal with them.

1 – It is similar to a tanning bed


Red light units are available in different sizes. Medical centers use bigger ones that resemble tanning beds. However, just because of their resemblance in shape, people mistake them for tanning beds. And this is clearly not the case.

So if you are thinking that instead of using the therapy unit, you can get similar results from a tanning bed, you are wrong. The effect for both is completely different.

Red light therapy (RLT) involves the use of infrared and red light to get rid of inflammation and joint pain. On the other hand, tanning beds release ultraviolet light. UV is completely opposite to infrared and red light. Thus, the results also vary. Furthermore, RLT is quite effective against a number of health conditions as it also boosts the rejuvenating process. Thus, it makes our skin look fresh.

2 – RLT causes skin burns


Although this might look serious, this is absolutely not the case. Red light is a part of the light and therefore, people assume that if sunlight can cause skin burn, it can also do the same. However, this is not the case.

The answer lies in the wavelength that we use in this therapy. Designers and developers are using a low wavelength red light in such units. Because of this low wavelength, the negative effect diminishes. Thus, there won’t be any burning even if you regularly use it.

Furthermore, others associate the burning effect with laser treatment. This therapy does use laser treatment but these lasers are designed to dissipate heat. So, there will be incredibly fast pulses of the light beam which are not going to burn your skin.

3 – It has uses for specific problems


Although this is not entirely false, it does have limited use. It is not a miracle that will get rid of all the problems of the world. However, the uses are wide.

RLT is useful in;

  1. Joint pain
  2. Depression
  3. Rejuvenating the skin cells
  4. Improves skin texture
  5. Treats fine lines and saggy skin
  6. Chronic pains
  7. Treats acne
  8. Reduces inflammation
  9. Heals your wounds
  10. Improves hair growth
  11. Reduces body pains
  12. Stimulate blood in the vessels
  13. Increase collagen production

And remember, these are still a limited number of uses. You can consult the therapist to know if you can use it for your problem or not. He will guide you about this.

So if anyone thinks that, this is only for chronic pains and they are making false claims that you can use it for treating skin problems. Or this is better for joint pain and is not much effective in terms of wounds. All these are merely myths and false beliefs. Your therapist would better guide you about the right use.

Therefore, if you have a health problem and you are not sure whether the red light will work on it or not, you should better visit or contact a therapist. If the medical center specializes in this treatment, they will guide you. Moreover, if it is possible to treat your problem with this technique, they will do so. If not, they will be able to recommend the right one. So you won’t be at a loss. Therefore, you do not have to worry about that.

To sum up,

Things do not work the same way for everyone. Sometimes, the same antibiotic offers varying effects on different people. Some get the result only after two or three doses. On the other hand, others fail to recover even after the complete medication period.

The problem lies with your body. The immune system varies from person to person. Some people have stronger immunity and therefore, they do not need a higher dose. On the other hand, others have weaker bodies and therefore, small doses are no longer effective. The same is the case with Red Light Therapy. You will get the results based on different factors. So do not believe the myths.

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