4 Most Expensive Diamond Rings in 2024

If you opt for buying diamonds online, it can be a pleasant and safe experience if you know what you are doing and which seller can be trusted. You might be wondering about how the diamond industry changed over the last years, and I have to tell you, it has evolved significantly. Mostly due to technological developments, including the Internet. 

Most traditional shops are not happy about this fact, but the trade did change to be in favor of the customers. You might be wondering, how is that? Well, online competition of the diamond grading system brought a lot of transparency into the whole industry.

In the past, you were at the mercy of any local dealer for both the quality of the diamond, as well as the price. Today, in order to compare prices, all you have to do is to review all the prices on several websites and you will get a good idea of the price systems. When it comes to the grading of the diamonds, it is important for it to be GIA certified loose diamond, and you can read more on that right here.

For most people, it is hard to believe that one ring could cost more than 60 million dollars, however, there is a list of the most expensive diamond rings that were ever made. Here is the list, price, and descriptions of the world’s most expensive diamond rings:

1. The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring – $80 million

This ring is the most expensive ring that was ever made, and yes, the price is mind-blowing for all of us. This particular diamond was discovered in India, and it is a 21.06 carat, deep-blue diamond that provides perfect clarity.

In order to cut the diamond into the right shape, three experts worked on cutting it. This oval-cut diamond is featured at the National Museum of Natural History, and at one point in time, it belonged to the Austrian and Bavarian Crown Jewels.

Surely a massive diamond ring to behold. Speaking of glamorous diamonds, a charming companion at your side shines even brighter when she is rocking a great rock on her hands. With a grandiose dinner date, she lights up the room with all that glow, fire and sparkle on her finger. Any great ring will fit the amazing models with the Ivana Models Escort Service, making them a great choice, when you want to show off.

2. The Blue Diamond Ring – $10 million

This ring features a diamond of 6.01 carats. The cushion-shaped blue diamond is surrounded by smaller pink diamonds on both sides. It was sold to an anonymous bidder at an auction. The vivid blue color stands out while the softer, pink colors offer an amazing composition.

3. The Pink Star Diamond Ring – $72 Million

Perhaps the second most expensive ring in the world is the Pink Star Diamond Ring. It was mined in Africa, and the huge scarab beetle looking diamond is pink in color. It took two years for the diamond to be cut and polished, and by doing so, they lowered the carat size from 132.6 carats to 59.60 carats. An interesting fact about this ring is that when the wearer is wearing it, it is almost impossible to open your hand properly.

4. The Vivid Yellow Ring (Dream Diamond Ring) – $16.3 million

This ring is an absolute beauty and for people that love yellow, it is just perfect for them. The yellow diamond used in this particular ring is one of the most expensive ones of all time, and it was sold at Sotheby’s Geneva auction of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels.

This ring features one of the largest cut diamonds in the world, and it emits and reflects all colors that make it have a daffodil color and shape.


These four rings feature the most beautiful (and most expensive), diamonds of all time. Although it is difficult to believe that they cost this much money, once you see how beautiful they are, you might just begin understanding why these rings are so special.
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