What is the Most Natural-Looking Color for a Wig in 2024

Problems with hair loss have been a common thing in society for thousands of years. Genetics is sometimes cruel and people are naturally sensitive and conscious about their appearance, which is why we have had an amazing solution for the better part of history. Wigs are hardly a novelty item. If we look back and explore our history, we can clearly see that they have been used as far as Ancient Egypt when they served a much more important purpose. Back then, wigs were status symbols that separated kings, queens, and aristocracy from the commoners.

Over the centuries and into the middle ages, renaissance, and later epochs, wigs remained an important part in the daily lives of nobles. Elaborate wigs on the portraits of rulers and members of higher society are famous today, and so are the stories of people with perfectly healthy heads of hair wearing wigs simply because they could and wanted to. These early forms of wig fashion remained prevalent to the modern day as more and more people adopted the use of natural hair wigs as hairstyles and daily looks.

Of course, those who actually experience hair loss and bald spots also wear them for these specific reasons, meaning wigs are very useful and versatile products that people from all walks of life buy and use. However, how can you be sure that the wig you want to get looks natural on your head, especially if you do not want anyone to know that it is not your own hair? Natural-looking wigs do exist as all real hair models look much more realistic than others. Still, some colors seem obviously fake due to their style, shape, and color. In the article ahead we explore the most natural-looking colors for wigs and bring to you all you need to know about this.

Blonde Wigs


Blonde hair colors and dyes are arguably the most popular look for women around the world. If we consider the nations and races who have naturally blonde hair, we can obviously conclude that it is predominantly Caucasians, especially Scandinavian, Slavic, and Germanic peoples. There are of course naturally blonde men and women all over the world, but the fairest come from these parts. Despite these limitations, blonde hair is one of the most popular looks and people enjoy dying their hair one of the many blonde varieties. It simply looks beautiful and clean, and despite needing more maintenance and care, blonde hair never goes out of style.

Naturally, those who need or want to wear wigs like blonde color as well. One of the reasons for this is the fact that they tend to look natural almost 100% of the time. Having blond locks instantly makes you look good no matter how you stylize your wig. Be it long or short, tied or loose, curly or straight, a blonde wig will surely look very natural on your head. There is no mistake about it as long as it is a real human hair wig. Synthetic varieties can never give you the look and feel of real hairs so skip them in favor of the real deal. To learn more about blonde wigs as well as to explore a great offer, make sure to check out”

Brunette (Brown) Wigs


Right up there with the blonde hair color is either light or dark brown, commonly referred to with the umbrella term brunette. This is the most common hair color of people throughout the world no matter the race and nationality. The shades of brown can be very different, from almost black to almost blonde, and that is the beauty of it especially for the wig wearers. Whatever you opt to get, you will surely look natural and people will have trouble telling whether or not that is your real hair.

Brunette wigs are also in wider supply since they are more easily taken care of and maintained, and more people with darker hair decide to sell their locks for wigs simply because there are more of them to begin with. These varieties also look good on anyone and it hardly matters what race, age, or nationality you are. You can stylize it more easily than blonde wigs and go for braids, loose hair, straight hair, or tie it up in a classy and professional way. The choice is yours, but know that a brown wig is a must have in your collection particularly if you aim to look natural.

Black Wigs


One thing people do not seem to realize is the fact that truly black hair is very rare in nature. No human on earth has absolutely black hair. Even the darkest hair present is actually just very, very brown. While it may appear black, the hairs are actually brown. Therefore, black hair can never look natural, or can it? While it does not occur in nature, it does look normal and quite common. A lot of people, mostly women, opt to dye their hair black out of fashion and style choices and it has been one of the most popular looks for decades.

For all of these reasons, black wigs are a good choice for a natural look of your wig. The best thing about this is that you do not even have to get a natural hair wig at all as a good synthetic variety will offer you similar results. To get real human hair that is black, the wig would have to be dyed already, and it makes no sense to buy dyed wigs. You can always get a dark brown model and color it as black as you want instead. There are ways to make your hair become blacker without dying it, so maybe you can find a wig that was made from the hair of a person who did exactly that.

Unnatural Wig Looks

Besides these three, no other color will seem natural on your head. Bright and fluorescent colors that are popular nowadays always look fake, mostly because they are. Even if it is real hair, it can never pass the real hair test. Caring for a head of hair that is colored this way is very hard and not everyone has time and patience for it. It is much easier to put on a wig and then take it off at the end of the day. Therefore, if you want to look as natural as possible, go either blonde, brunette, or black.

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