What is the Average Payout for Motorcycle Accidents 2024

How much money can you expect after suffering a motorcycle accident? All fans of two-wheelers know that driving simply needs to be a responsible procedure that should be approached with care and attention. We have only one life and non-compliance with the prescribed measures might easily result in a fatal outcome or serious consequences for the life and health of an individual. It’s certain that many won’t be too engaged to learn more about the compensation for accidents that occur in these circumstances until that happens. But when such a distant scenario becomes a reality, everyone needs advice and guidance to follow in case they need to know more about what belongs to the injured party. A lot of speculation might arise all around, therefore you should approach this issue with seriousness and analyze multiple factors in order to be able to understand what you can expect as a result.

Why are there settlements for such cases at all? It’s a kind of attempt to support the injured party in order to at least somehow keep going on with their life after the accident. Whether it’s a smashed vehicle, medical expenses or any other outcome that may have arisen, appropriate compensation could mean the world to someone and at least slightly mitigate the consequences suffered. However, the amount of money you can hope for depends on multiple factors.

Therefore, let’s first deal with the aspects that the judge and those who decide on its height are obliged to take into account.

1. Liability


Of course. Responsibility for what is done is something that can’t be denied and definitely not so easy to get rid of. It’s quite noteworthy to know whose fault what happened is and who had the most involvement in such a negative development. In addition, a mere word means nothing, and there needs to be valid evidence that someone hit you or in any other way caused the incident. If it doesn’t exist, getting any major benefit from this situation might be rather difficult. What counts is mostly certain video footage from surveillance cameras that could confirm your version of the story, or eyewitnesses who would testify about it.

If you don’t have anything that could rule in your favor, or in case you’re the one who’s liable for the accident or the blame is somewhat mutual, the truth is that the compensation will most likely not be too high. After all, why would you get more if you caused something like that yourself, for whatever reason it happened? And also, rarely will anyone be able to determine something that differs from it in case you have nothing to support the claim.

2. Damage capable of exact calculation


As the name suggests, such costs can be calculated because we can get the exact amount of money we lost in one way or another as a result of the accident. The higher these amounts, the more the possibility of higher compensation grows. Now let’s take a look at some examples that belong to this group:

  • Lost incomes. This refers to the sum within the earnings you make in your workplace, and which you probably lost in cases of serious injuries. In these situations, sick leave is almost certain, and thus the amount of your salary is reduced depending on the time you spend out of work. It’s calculated by determining the amount you were deprived of during your sick leave or absence and that’s mostly all.
  • Medical bills. They include the amount of money you have spent on treatment, medical examinations and medicines prescribed by your doctor, which also depends on the type of injury you have sustained. The more severe the injury and the more medical assistance it requires, the higher the amount to be paid – for example, head injuries and brain dysfunction, fractures of bones, joints and limb injuries, as well as internal bleeding and nerve damage.
  • Material loss. The value of your two-wheeler also has its price, as well as the condition in which it was left after the incident. In case the motorcycle is just scratched or just slightly hit by another vehicle, this part of the amount will probably not reach a fabulous figure. However, if it’s completely crushed and dysfunctional, that’s a completely different thing.

3. Damage incapable of exact calculation


Here we have a couple of situations where it’s a complete opposite – things you can’t determine or assess so easily, as the conditions are unclear or it’s not possible to predict what the situation will be or what the situation is.

  • Future lost incomes. This aspect refers to the money you will potentially lose due to injuries or any other upshot you aren’t able to make as much cash as you previously managed to do it. This happens, for example, in cases of transition from a full-time job to a part-time one or complete absence from work, depending on the severity of the situation. This is a little harder to calculate since it isn’t possible to predict with certainty how long the consequences will be present, so additional assistance to do it in a fair and appropriate way is required.
  • Pain and suffer. It’s clear u why this is impossible to calculate – no one can determine the value or amount of your pain that only you feel and experience. There aren’t even any rules by which anyone could be guided in determining the sum of cash such things deserve. Therefore, this aspect is extremely inconvenient to assess and, if the whole process escalates to court, the jury generally decides using their common sense, intuition, as well as the knowledge of the circumstances under which the incident occurred.

So, how much should you expect?


Let’s try to make a pure prediction. The results of a survey conducted fifteen years ago show that the average amount paid to the injured parties in such accidents was just over $73,000. Still, that’s just the average.

In Florida, for example, amounts ranging from $10,000 to $35,000 are most common. The lowest figure refers to cases where there’s no significant physical injury that would permanently affect someone’s health and if there isn’t too much damage to the vehicle that suffered an impact or collision. The amount of the fee generally moves in this range, with varying in relation to the above factors.

For example, if a motorcyclist is hit by a truck, which is much bulkier and stronger, and if the truck driver is responsible, the compensation can exceed $400,000. However, if the motorcyclist, despite the negligence of the driver, violated the allowed speed even slightly, it can affect the amount of compensation to be reduced.

The largest percentage of victims turn to legal aid since that is the only way to reach an approximate figure. Many law firms have a fine base of lawyers specializing in such cases and are often willing to make concessions in such situations. For example, the No Win No Fee option, practiced by Foyle Legal, that holds one of the best bases of motorcycle accident lawyers in Perth, Australia, but some other firms – you can be sure that they won’t charge you for the service if they don’t manage to win compensation for you.

Final thoughts: we can never know exactly how much we can get. Each case is a situation in itself and a credible reconstruction of events and circumstances is what we need in order to reach a fair verdict and meet the needs of those affected by such unfortunate events.

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