7 Fun Things to do on a Motorcycle Road Trip with Friends in 2023

Motorcycle riding is fun as it is. But throw in a couple of fellow biker buddies, plan a road trip and you are going to have a blast no questions asked. Riding your two-wheeler with your fellow bikers and going on fun and adventurous road trips can be a life savouring experience that you will remember your whole life.

Riding alone and riding with friends both are different things. You can get away on weekends on solo rides to find peace and solvency and have some alone time. But when you plan a road trip adventure with your friends to get away from the hustle and bustle of life you need to make it count and make it as memorable, fun, and adventurous as possible.

Because you may not get to do this in a long time or just never get to do it ever again. This is how just life is. You never know when your close friends or family members part ways from you. So every moment you get with your friends and family ensure to capture it in your heart and make it count. Similarly, there are things you cannot do alone on a road adventure.

But when you have a group of solid buddies, who will back you up, support and help you along the way. There is nothing really you guys can’t do. Whether you are thinking about going on a long road trip with your friends or are already on one. Below are the top 7 fun things you can do to make your trip more adventurous.

1. Try different foods


Even if you are not a foodie, it can be a wonderful experience to try out something different. If you visit new places that you have not been to before. It can be a very good idea to try out their local food. Some of the local eateries might have their home-made old family recipes that might not be available in the whole world.

Try out what local eateries has to offer. From mouth-watering delicious seasoned foods to their locally grown organic fruits try them all. Believe me, it will be fun and healthy.

2. Mingle with the cross-culture folks

When you are on the road with friends off to a distance vocation. Chances are you will find many off-the-road, off-the-map kinds of places along the way. You can visit the local countryside area, a small town or a village that you may see along the way and learn about their cultures and traditions. You can carry several souvenirs from each place and keep them in your motorcycle saddlebags to carry them back home with you.

Meeting new folks having different cultural and traditional values and ways of lifestyle can really make your day. Remember you are there to forget about the world of worry and there to forget about your troubles. Therefore, mingle with different cultured people and try the ways of their life, visit their local bars, and make new friends. You can find supreme quality saddlebags from the collection of Viking Bags.

3. Explore off the map areas


Everyplace you go might have its own attractions and tourism sites. However, if you want a ‘real’ adventure with your friends you should try to explore remote areas that other tourists may have never discovered before. For this purpose, talk to the locals about any interesting place they might go to have a good time.

These locals may tell you about some of the hidden places that you can visit with your fellow motorcycle buddies and have a real adventure.

4. Camping

After a long day of riding it can be very relaxing and entertaining to find a good spot for camping and unwind there with your friends. If the weather is chilly you can camp in forestry areas and start a bonfire that will help you keep warm at night and will keep any wildlife away from your camps. If any of your friends have any hunting skills then you can hunt for edible animals like rabbits and can cook it in your bonfire.

However, ensure you do not overdo it or harm any other animals in the process. Always remember you are there to have a good time not to destroy the greenery.

5. Talk and share


Away from all the busyness of life, you are there with your friends in peaceful locations. That could be the best time to share your life experiences, interesting stories, or advice. You can talk with each other and get to know each other even better.

In situations like these most of the time friends share with each other the deepest and darkest secrets that may have been troubling them for a while and they may not have gotten the chance to share with you. Similarly, talk to your friends, tell jokes, and make your friendship bond even stronger.

6. Snap & Document

Nothing makes a trip more memorable than the pictures of every place where you went and with those friends, you went with. Remember to take pictures of every place you visit and take group selfies, make videos, and record memorable moments.

The pictures you take now will become a lasting piece of memory and will bring a smile on your face when you see those pictures and videos in the future.

7. Call home


Having a good time on vacation is great but you have to stay connected with your friends and family back at home. There may be your friends who wanted to come along on the road trip but for some reason, they might have not able to make it. Be sure to call them or better yet, video call them to show them the places you have explored.

This will make them feel connected and involved during the whole road trip. Similarly, call your parents and tell them that you are in good health and enjoy your vocation. This will make your parents feel at ease and peaceful. You can conduct a group session in which everyone calls their loved ones and introduce each other with each other’s family and friends.

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